Throwing Parties

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as much as I loved parties back in Ur, i think theres loads of potential for a really cool idea there. Any one got any ideas?


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    We could set up invitations in the global chat for open parties, or maybe have a separate chat for it? :)
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    amen that would so cool
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    Maybe when the children of Ur grow up they can join in too
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    This is not a thread that I'd expect in this community. Why set up a hating thread? It is mean-spirited and childish. CoU is not in competition with Eleven and, like Eleven, it is a project undertaken by volunteers who loved Glitch and want to bring it back to us all. I really hope one of the mods pulls this thread asap.

    ETA I realise that this is just trolling, especially the going back and editing the previous posts to remove the original comments.
  • were only joking Captain Daisy we appreciate all those who put in an effort to bring glitch back its just banter
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    Hiya friends!

    While I didn't get a chance to see this thread in its original form, I'd just like to leave a Friendly reminder to hold all interactions within the positive spirit of Ur. I appreciate the self correction, but it'd be best if those kinds of things are avoided in the first place.

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