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This is a thread for half-formed, chaotic, incomplete and vague ideas. What are you thinking of? What kinds of things would you like to see? Haven't figured out the details? Don't quite know what it is you're figuring out, just what you want? Post it here!

Perhaps you have the idea that we should have a new skill focused around splanking, but you haven't determined the details. Okay, post that. Post everything you've figured out. It doesn't matter how incomplete it is—it's here to be built upon and made into a complete one.

To start out, here's a basic incomplete idea: I want to see sources for some of the resources only attainable from Vendors, such as coffee and beer.

I will also copy "finished" ideas to their relevant threads with a link back here to let people know that I did not create the idea—it was a work of the Idea Workshop. Assuming this whole thing works out, anyway.

All listed ideas are in a hypothetical state and should not be taken as an absolute finished product.

Expanded Oils
* Oily Dressing, Sesame Oil, and Olive Oil are now made from Oil.
* The Refining skill can be used to refine oils from Ur-Oil (the original oil!), which is itself refined in larger quantities from amber, middling quantities from Urth, decent quantities from peat, and small quantities from soil.
* Refined Oil Types include: Olive Oil, Sesame Oil and Essential Oil. Essential Oil is used in the creation of Oily Dressing.
* Oil can be further refined into things like Fuel Pellets.

* Pretty bottles.
* Particle effects?

Basements and Passages
* Houses have basements, perhaps accessible only by secret passage.
* There are secret passages. (As said.)
* Glitchen can make tunnels between houses of friends.

* Encourages resource growth.
* Perhaps affiliated with Light Green Thumb, Mining, and Animal Husbandry?
* Might be redundant with petting and watering trants, but perhaps still good for other things.
* Chickens faint and cats puff up if your singing is awful.

Buddy Bugs
* Running around in Ur, most especially in Fox Preserves, causes you to accrue ticks!
* You can't pull them off yourself. Get a friend to help you.
* Perhaps you actually collect them when you remove them?
* How about some squicky tick-based recipes like Ticks-on-a-Stick and Tick Soup?

Special Deliveries
* Send a special package or letter with a dancing flower, a singing telegram, or a small legion of trumpeter frogs to read it out.
* You should also be able to send to strangers to make them feel included!
* Perhaps the option to send things to someone with not many friends and a recent join date at random?

* I didn't quite grasp this one, so my details might be off.
* An adventure! Follow maps, solve puzzles, and... You know. Adventure stuff.
* May hold treasures.

* Rapping or beatboxing as a possible skill.


  • There's olive oil & oily dressing (also sesame oil though I don't think it's used in recipes any more) -- I wonder what one could squeeze to get different kinds of oil?
  • Maybe you can use Refining skills on oils to change them to other kinds of oils?
  • OOoooOooooohhh!

    Perhaps one could refine the original oil (the ur-oil!) from amber!
  • Perhaps you can refine a lot of oil from amber, a decent amount from peat, and a bit from soil?
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    Oooh! amber sounds like this really cool perfume I used to have long ago! :o
    Perfume bottles are pretty! Maybe we could have/make perfume?
    edit: Btw, there was this perfume company in UK that makes or made petrichor essence bottles (a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather) among others, but that one I loved the idea of! (sounds like something that could be made out of peat).

    I'd like to have some sort of grid to align sdb's more easily on a wall :)
    Perhaps some sort of template in decorating mode?
  • And perhaps the oil could also be refined into some sort of bio-fuel?
    This could be used to perhaps fuel factories (maybe big buildings used to automate processes such as mining?), or provide heating/electricity (e.g. for fridges - to stop food turning rotten and lights) for houses?
  • I'd like to see the ability to tunnel down to other friends' houses, or have hidden bolt holes and chambers you can hide in. Like a secret passage within your house, or garden. It would also be funny to have a trap door that you can push and *poof* someone is swimming in the underwater section (james bond shark tank kind of thing but friendlier). You can get extra badges for being swooshed a certain number of times.
  • Can we sing to plants and animals to make them happier? Grow faster, healthier, bigger? Except for chickens. It would be funnier if chickens or cats fainted or puffed up (like we are singing bad) You know, the crack glass kind of thing.
  • Buddy Bugs.... what if you go through a certain area - like chasing foxes - and you get ticks. And your buddies have to check you for ticks. You can't pull them off yourself, they need to remove them for you. (I wanna check you for ticks - ha ha) Extra buddy points for coming to the rescue!
  • I would love to send something special delivery to a friend - like a singing telegram, or someone with flowers, like the robot that shows up, but with a free gift. But add the ability to gift to random people you don't know. (To help encourage people who maybe don't have enough friends in the game yet. - feelings of inclusion.
  • Side game within a game - eleven different geocaches. Take a selfie with the treasure. (Maybe assemble a gps thing from fun elements and a light on your had beeps like crazy when you are getting close.... with cryptic puzzles to solve to head in the right direction.)
  • Not to be rude, but if you click the little gear in the upper-right corner of your post, you can edit in new things rather than making another one.
  • I feel there a country song coming on . I am going to check you for ticks hehe.
  • I feel like rapping should be a learnable skill
  • Hey. I'm gonna try to bring this thread back. I'll compile all posted ideas in the original post after I'm done with this one.

    On Refining of Amber: I think this one is pretty put together now, really. It's a simple idea, but it works.
    On Refining Oil into Fuel: Forgive me, for I never got into the Refining skills; is there currently a way to create fuel pellets? This may be a good means to that end.
    On Perfume: I love the idea of having a bunch of pretty bottles, but there should definitely be some kind of fun gameplay aspect associated with perfume. As it stands now, I have no ideas, other than maybe some form of particle effect.
    On Secret Passages: This would be cool, yes. Might be a good compliment to something like basements. Personally, I feel it needs a little more to it at this time. I could see a basement being good for cultivating Batterflies!
    On Singing to Things: Perhaps one of the core parts of the Animal Husbandry, Light Green Thumb, and Mining skills are learning to sing songs appreciated by distinct creatures of Ur? It kind of contends with Petting and Watering Trants, though, which has a rather similar effect. Bad singing effects are rather funny, though.
    On Ticks: I gotta say, I love stupid little "pointless" features that are pretty much only there to add a little bit of humor value to things. I love this.
    Special Delivery: Or a small legion of frogs with trumpets to deliver a letter? I also support the idea of being able to send things to people you don't know.
    Geocaches: Admittedly, I'm not quite grasping your meaning here. It's been a really long time since that was posted, I'm aware, but if you're still lurking around, could you elaborate?
    Rapping: Personally, I'd suggest beatboxing. That way, your Glitchen crew can lay down some funky beats while you freestyle up the chat.
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