How can I sign up to get updates about this project?

I read the post where you explained that everyone can't be alpha testers, etc. Can I sign up somewhere to be informed via email when registration becomes more open?

I'm glad you're doing this - I loved Glitch and was sad to see it go.


  • I believe just keep in touch with these forums, I personally now of no other way at this point
  • Thanks, I guess I'll just have to keep checking, then.
  • When there is news, we will certainly post it on the blog which you can subscribe to via email. I can't promise that some things won't be unearthed here first.
  • Waits patiently in line.. :D lol
  • Do you mean just the RSS, or is there another way to sign up? I used to be able to get RSS feeds with Google, but they shut that down a long time ago. :P
  • So, this is a little convoluted, but if you go to post a comment on the blog, you will see the following options:


    Feel free to say something anywhere, and check the box that allows you to follow the posts.
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