Quick Ideas About New Furniture

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I have a lot of thoughts about furniture! One thing is that I'd like to see other flipping options sometimes, rather than a R-L flip it could be flipped top to bottom (this makes sense for some items.)

Here are some new styles I would love to see in the future:

Rugs: more rugs, generally, in more colours and shapes. I would also like to see mossy and grassy carpets to coordinate with those floorings, and maybe even a starry night rug.

Room Decorations: I love these because they are one of the few things you can drag to the front of the room. I'd like to see some mossy and grassy humps/clumps and a tall mossy tree stump for those who are rocking the nature look. I'd also like to see a coat rack.

Table Decorations: I'd like to decorate a kitchen counter with stacks of dirty plates, or a table with a fresh place setting. I'd also like to see more elegant sculpture-y stuff in this category, including more stuff that's mostly black or white.

Hanging Decorations: I'd like a black version of the chandelier.

Wall Decorations: I'd like to be able to make a signpost into a wall plaque, possibly at the potential to lose the ability to modify the note afterward.

Lamps: I'd like a more elegant/upscale white table lamp. And a danish modern floor lamp! Lots more creative floor lamps in general, too, because they are the only other thing you can drag to the front. And more wall lamps too, since they are, along with wall decos, the only things you can stick to walls (without a shelf).

Shelves: What about a fully transparent shelf? That is grabbable in deco-mode only?

Chairs: I'd like more comfy armchair options in more colours. I'd like also stool upgrades that look like floor pillows (including a starry night throw pillow and mossy/grassy pillows as well as plain or patterned colours.) I'd also like an armchair that suits the nature theme as well as the bog theme.

And this isn't really furniture, but I'd really like new gnome styles.


  • I love all these ideas, but especially the fully transparent shelf! In multiple sizes, please. Much lobe for that.
  • I'd like to see a big pile o' pillows, a phonograph, some candles. I also want to see fake doors, clocks that display the in-game time and come in both analog and digital varieties, "sittable" chairs, and maybe other ways to move between floors in your house, such as ladders that connect to trapdoors, or an elevator.

    In addition, I also want to see some "scenic" things that can be put in rooms. For example, a "darkness" object that makes a sort of dark area in the room, or a cloud of mist.

    Also, what with how people are taking advantage of wallpapers to make windows, maybe animated wallpapers are a thing that could work? Just simple, basic animations. One I'd rather love is one that looks like it's raining outside and water droplets are running down the glass. Which brings me to another object I kind of specifically want to see for some reason...

    A crack in the ceiling that water drips down from. That's pretty much it. It's not much more than that.

    Anyway, that's all I've got for now.
  • @"Miss Coco" - yes! Including some sizes of narrower width (side-to-side.)
    @Seeen - I love all these ideas, but particularly the clocks, phonograph, and candles. Ladders would be amazing!
  • I love the idea of a starry night rug!

    It's not really the furniture we're talking about, but I would LOVE some yard furniture! Like cute tables and chairs for garden parties, or a fountain, or a koi pond, or a hen house!
  • Right?? You could keep chicks in it as well as your chickens, and maybe there would be a grain collector? :)
  • Garden furniture would be so amazing. I always wanted a nice cabinet or shed where I could keep my seeds and gardening potions.

    Also a couch for my lawn.
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    @"Miss Coco" Yeah, I have been dreaming of a potting bench too to keep my gardening stuff handy. I have a small cabinet just inside my door but it's not the same.

    Oh and @Seeen I meant to say on reflection I am really into the idea of "darkness" and "mist" objects. I think they would have to be maybe room decorations, or possibly table decorations. If room deco they could be placed on the front plat line and create darkness you can walk behind/"into". If placed on the centre or rear plat lines you maybe wouldn't walk into them but they would cast shadow over what was in that area. However, in this case you wouldn't be able to place them up high on a table or shelf. So if what you want are smaller areas of effects than filling (for example) a whole section of the room one or two wall sections wide then they'd have to be table deco. In this case I'm picturing a small sphere of darkness or mist emanating from a "generator", and you could overlap the areas of effect to create a larger installation.
  • Oh! And maybe you could choose a rug for outside that looked like a picnic blanket? And yes, a shed for seeds and potions!
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    Outdoor furniture sounds pretty great! I'm thinking maybe a fish pond, a small rocky waterfall, and a picnic table are all things that would work. Maybe also playground implements like slides, jungle gyms, sandboxes and such, as well as decorations like a butterfly bath, various pots for herbs, background and foreground fencing, and "BEWARE OF PIG" signs.

    Could probably also offer a statue of every Giant's respective symbol, and maybe "Leave One, Take One" stations of some kind that record all dropped and picked up items within their area so you know who the occasional person who just grabs everything is.

    @"Scarlett Bearsdale" That was the idea, yeah. I imagine they could work really well for theatrical productions.
  • @seeen I love the playground idea! And the Giant statues! Yes. Good stuff!
  • Oh, @Seeen mentioning a "BEWARE OF PIG" sign made me think that I always wanted some pre-made signs that are at-a-glance readable, like the "All may harvest" signs in the public gardens. Some could be whimsical like the beware of pig, while others could be more functional like "please don't restore" next to street resources or "take me" for a gift pile.

    I also love the idea of having more wallpaper with landscape scenes to make windows with. I'm a little less ambitious than Seeen about the animation, but just having a wallpaper available to match each homestreet style (more or less) would be great.
  • In honestly, the only real reason I want an animated rainy glass wallpaper is just because I love rain and rain doesn't work too well without animation.
  • BEWARE OF PIG and other at-a-glance readable signs are GREAT ideas, I love them!

    Tonight it also came up that I would love to see a wall decoration that is almost exactly the same as the library doors, minus the "secret book" pointing up or down. I would love to make a proper library!
  • Yes! Bookshelves that match the doors. And a stack or row of books as a table decoration.
  • I would also like the ability to give another player permission to decorate in my house.

    (Or more to the point, the ability to start my own interior decorating business)
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    @wickedsharp: a row of books as a free tabledeco and then fun bookend options!
    @"Miss Coco": I have always thought that would be amazing, so much easier to show someone what you mean than not. But you'd probably need two additional restrictions: the decorator can't pick up furniture, and when the decorator goes to place furniture you get a "Do you want ot give this table and its upgrades to the homeowner?" notice.
    Hmm Maybe you'd need to Bureaucratic Arts III to buy the proper decorating permit. Maybe decorating permits are consumable - you use one for each decorating session, that's how you enter deco mode in someone else's house. And then they have to agree to it like when you knock at the door.
  • @"Scarlett Bearsdale" I love the idea of a decorating permit! Maybe they could be like keys that you can issue to folks through your magic rock?
  • More aquariums. Tall ones, skinny ones, little ones to sit on bigger ones or sit on shelves. One wide enough to be a headboard or stand behind as a bar or counter. Wall mounted ones. mixed colors of fish and miniature ur themed decorations.
  • @coolbetty 100% on the aquarium options!!
  • A bigger loom to make outfits and fabric with? perhaps we could make our own clothes and gift, sale and trade them.
  • I would like a bookcase that is not a door. Maybe cabinets with glass fronts on them. And an Ice maker that we can get ice from.
  • @soymocha, cabinets with glass fronts sound awesome. Like display cabinets!
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    Mustache on a stick plzzzzzzzzzzz. I loooove stache. They tickle . Stache furniture. Man . OH YES!!!!!!! Stache T shirt. and a chili kiddie pool
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    I would love to have mirror so we can check out our refection. Make sure we look our best before we head outside. We could do a house of mirrors too. Like at the fair or carnival . One mirror makes you look fat, another mirror makes you look skinny. and one could make you contorted, and one mirror into Helga or uncle friendly. hehehe The possiblities are endless. Glitches arent vain are they? maybe a little.
  • I like all the ideas. I would love to have garden sheds for storing all the gardening stuff in, but I'd like to have them so you could use SDB's in them rather than bags. The SDB's would let you see what's in them, and you wouldn't have to label each bag, and they store more.
  • Oh, garden SDBs would be amazing. Maybe there could be some kind of pillar or shed structure that would function like a wall so you could put SDBs on it.

    Did I already mention I really want more water features? Like a rug that looks like a pool or pond and more flowing water wall decorations or wallpaper.

    I also LOVE @rasamalai's idea of being able to loom our own clothes.
  • @"Miss Coco" oh wow yes to all that but especially a water-feature rug would be pretty amazing!
  • I would love to see a color scale for all of the furniture, so that you could choose the shades of each thing rather than the preselcted set color.
  • Piggy back rides !!!! Hop on top of a pig he will walk you to the end of a street. I love piggy back rides!!!!
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