Welcome home first weekish ideas?

Hey guys! One thing I really miss about glitch is the fact that it was the first MMO where everyone but one person was incredibly nice and community focus! So, since it may take us a while to get back on our glitchy feet I feel like we should have some place where people can drop off some extra food or rocks or something. I really want to get our incredibly kind community back and rolling. So maybe the first week when we all get back in to play we can have a few (organized) streets where we can swing by and pick up a yummy sammich or something. We can pay in donations or whatever we can. I really feel this is great but if you don't think this is a good idea then let me know!


  • Its a great Idea, :) food was always the thing i struggled with in the early days, so perhaps a soup kitchen of sorts, we could bring in collected assets, wood, paper, jellies whatever and receive food/ seeds perhaps? The community of Glitch is brilliant proof if needed that we are all here waiting to go back and wanting to bring new friends into the Newly imagined Ur.
  • I love it! I know that everyone will be branching out into different traits. Some will return to the mine's, and some will return to the animal pins. I feel like we can all come together again to help feed and care for each other like in the old days! I volunteer to try and keep my home street stocked with food or if we don't have home streets we can always pick a street somewhere in the world! I'm so excited to play again!
  • I'll probably go back to my habit of leaving small bags full of goodies lying around on starting streets for newbies. :)
  • That's an awesome habit to have! :)
  • I know that I'll be going back to making free frood for everyone, just like I did in Glitch. And if towers are already available then I'll re-open my "restaurant"
  • @Artemis - wondering who the "one not nice person" was... :)
  • This is why when I did not feel like doing street routes, I traveled the world of Ur. It was nice finding a sandwich in Groddle Meadow or a steak somewhere in Kaiju
  • Thousand Sunny- I think I came across your tower a few time!

    @Felix I actually don't even remember. It was someone on the subway. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they were just having a bad day. I know I certainly wasn't kind to someone once but I apologized soon after.

    @Kassutera Every time I drop a sandwich in Groddle now I'll think of you :)
  • @Artemis It's nice walking the streets and randomly finding food or other such objects you know was not part of the street to begin with :D

    Some people thought that home streets took away from exploring Ur. I looked at it as a way to explore even more only without heavy traffic of so many individuals and still finding random treasures here and there weather it be food or non food items :)
  • I always enjoyed it when I poked along the home streets and ran across folks with a pile of free goodies by their houses. The most comforting part about it is that with a community as great and welcoming as the Glitch community, you could (usually) rest assured and feel safe in the knowledge that your freebies were going to good homes C: It's a faboo idea, one I'll totally be behind once the game is up and running!

    The only real issues with it I could foresee would one person snatching up all the goodies, or newbies not knowing which streets were the designated drop off points. That second one's easy enough, we could denote it in the forums - it's the first one that worries me :c I like to think that Glitchen are much kinder than that, though!
  • @buckybear Although there's always a few decomposing spuds that will do things like that (or raid yellow crumb plots and leave without replanting/watering), the good heavily outweigh the bad in this community, a rare aspect in any gaming community for certain :D
  • If I can manage it, I'm going straight to hell. I owe him a tip from the last visit.
  • Kassauretta- I always looked at it as the homestreets added another layer to explore. The debate on if it killed exploration or not will probably always go on. Oh well!

    Buckybear- I did have a few people always harvest my things and never replant. I did however notice that people would sometimes drop off extra things to try and make up for it.

    Sanotsuto- I agree!! I certainly met more kind people here then I have anywhere else!

    FlatEarther- I also thought of going to hell the second I get there. I'm craving some wine of the dead.
  • This is such a lovely idea :D

    Ooh hell, the number of times I've fallen asleep while playing, only to wake up under the watchful gaze of Trisor
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    I was on a free items route , it was rare anyone ever took the whole pile but every once in awhile it did happen. But anyone that i can remember on routes usually had note poles right above the pile of items. Other home street routes had signs that said this way to trees or this way to rocks, a lot of them did anyway. Oh also (since it was clarified on a dif thread) it will take us awhile to get back on our feet once we can play, we are starting from day 1 after all. But i want to visit my butler, and take the Purple Journey and the Hell Bar!!!!
  • @dazyndara I once fell asleep with my little Artemis character in the mines. I woke up to a lovely surprise of guano covering my feet!

    @lyricaldejavu It sadly will take us a while to get back on our feet. I plan on having my magic rock learn cooking skills and I will try to give food to others I pass. It's sort of exciting to start fresh. It will give every item a sense of importance. I'm excited to go to the hell bar too! Also to visit my butler! Hurry up and go to sleep Giants! I bet friendly is still chatting it up, keeping all the giants from slumbering!
  • Dang it Friendly, why can't you be more Quiet-And-Aloof-y? :p
  • @Sanotsuto quite true! How welcoming and friendly the Glitch community was was actually my favorite part of the game. Assuming that the same sort of crowd gets drawn back, I have faith that everyone, new and old, will be well taken care of. C:

    @Artemis I always tried to help replant and stuff, when I could! I don't remember if my skills got high enough to ever leave anything good ;3; I'm pretty sure that I may have helped in the guano treat, though! <3
  • @buckybear I think the initial surge of Glitchen will be those of old. Anyone that joins afterwards will be entering a community much like it was in the old day, they will either assimilate or see that their negativity holds no effect and leave. I think this community will start strongly positive and remain that way.
  • @buckybear Oh thanks! I was scrubbing guano out of my laborer boots for WEEKS!
  • I remember one thing I liked to do for newbies is answer their questions, and give them a bag with food and drinks. (Pot, of course, being one of the two giants I was best pals with, the other being Lem.) And, of course, a teleport script with a seal for somewhere in the middle of Groddle in case they lost. The teleport scripts can wait; I just loved cooking for people. I'd be okay with making food for the new crowd.
  • Awesome! I expect a ton of the beginning people will be old players who remember how to use a map. Hopefully! I plan on leaving whatever food I can for other people.
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    I would like to have an address please, and neighbours that I could reach by walking if possible, or perhaps be able to give my address out in a note (like a presentation card) and still be able to find people by their address.
    Books would be a nice thing to craft too, come to think of it; like notes but lengthier and possibly with colour, maybe we could make illuminated manuscripts and then bind them together to make books we could place on shelves! :3
  • I did have a "free stuff" level on my tower where anyone could take or leave whatever they wanted. If one person took everything than so be it, it's there to be taken, but no one ever did and I got a lot of contributions from visitors!
  • I am hoping to get on a community garden route. I never quite got to that point in Glitch, but my favorite things were always gardening and cooking.
  • What a wonderful idea!

    I really stopped playing MMOs after Glitch. I wasn't able to find a community of amazing, kind people anywhere I went. A community garden route would be excellent to set up asap.
  • @Csophae: I also had a freebies floor in my tower (called "Rectangular Rotunda"). There's one thing I didn't test: was it possible to create a display box with items for sale at 0 currants/piece? (So that I don't have to leave the free stuff lying on the floor.)
  • I so loved the Frank Loyd type houses with second floor balcony we all jump off in a party.those houses were just beautiful.
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