Happy New Year

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In just a few hours, in accordance with Earth's arbitrary construct of time zones created to adapt our world to the age of commerce, 2016 will begin at Christmas Island and Samoa.

Fast forward to February 19th, next year, at 12:59 PM, Coordinated Universal Time. To me, this is 6:59 AM. To someone else, this is 11:29 AM. To yet someone else, this is 3:59 PM. But the reason in particular why this time matters is that it also happens to be the exact time of the minute prior to Ur's next New Year, the previous of which took place just recently on December 30th, at 5:00 AM, Coordinated Universal Time.

Coming up, only about two days after Ur's 48th iMGDay, is the 2016th birthday of the Gregorian calendar. While our systems for Earth are largely arbitrary, we do not need to treat them that way. Arbitrary systems have a reason to exist—they help us make sense of things. While they have no actual hold on how our world runs, they allow us to keep track of it and understand everything a little better.

What will 2016 bring? Will Ur finally return to us, thanks to the hard work of the developers who have chosen to rebuild our lost dreamworld entirely because they loved it that much? What will the new year hold for our relationships with those we love? Our personal lives? Our jobs? Our dreams and aspirations? That's up to us, at least in part. We can't control everything, but we can move to make the best of it.

The end of the year 2015 will bring us to the beginning of the year 2016. Yes, still not prime, but we can take solace in the fact that our dreamworld of Ur, though not currently in a prime year itself, will have its next New Year on February 19th, at 1:00 PM, Coordinated Universal Time. That date, at least, is nicely prime, with a two and a nineteen and a one. Many of us will use the time left in this year to party. Many will reflect. Many will lament. Others still will simply sleep through it. But we're all on our way.

Happy New Year. Would you like some champagne?

New Ur's Day Champagne

A sparkly bubbly glass of tipsy for those last few steps through Recurse.

>2 Bunches of Grapes
>1 Clump of Jellisac
>3 Ice
>2 Chunks of Sparkly
>5 Tiny Bubbles
>3 Laughing Gases
>1 Hard Bubble
>2 Friendly Acids

Made in a Cocktail Shaker.


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