more colors of bigger bags please,also lunchbox/picanick basket

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I looked into an old thread , to see how glitchen tended to organize their bags.
I "assume" we will have the bag search function ( ???? ,please say yes! ) , but even so , I would LOBE to have more colors of bigger bags, to keep me organized better. ( I am just imagining the chaos of bags I will have until I gain enough skills to make SDB's again/or currants to buy SDB's!!!)
So, Bigger bag colors to add, please :
1) Black - ( I will be placing my black metal rocks and metal supplies,snails, in there!)
2) RED- ( Keepers, do NOT donate/lose, Orb, Funpickle, 1 Random Kindness, Fave Battle Cubi)
3) Gold -( a shiny-ish gold like the Chrome on the Chrome Toolbox , to differentiate from the Brown Bigger Bag , mine will hold Emblems, ( or Icons ) with extra slots used for Shrine Powder or Misc. Stuff)
4) Purple - ( mine will hold flowers( herbs) , seeds , Purple essence, maybe extra slots for potions)
5)Raincoat Yellow - (mine will hold made drinks, made food OR resource rebuilding supplies )
These 5 would be great for the majority who seemed to use a system of "carry 1 of everything ", they seemed to have 5 slots "left over" that they used. This type system I use, and these 5 colors would be a perfect help!

For those who used different systems some extra bag colors might be handy:
6) Black and White colored bag, think Tuxedo ( to implement could be simple , like a horizontal line that divides a white over black color scheme on the bag, or use a vertical line for same)
For a PARTY Bag fill with toys, games, charades potions, lots of RK's, emo bear, 1 battle cubi, etc.
7) Orange - Rook fighting gear
8) add your suggestion for a color here.

Please make it so , if possible, thanks! ( i tried to use colors that were already "common" in game)

If extra time is had , a LUNCHBOX :
Functions like a 16 slot tool box, looks like square ,retro metal kids lunchbox, with a solid color or glitch/eleven/or whatever logo on it, would be AWESOME for holding made food&made drinks!
With the functionality that : made food/made drinks, that you make or pickup will attempt to deposit in the lunchbox first.
This would also be a cute decoration item to sit on kitchen counter/shelf inside your house.
For monetary purposes , maybe you could offer different logos/colors of lunchboxes for credits ,
like : the standard lunchbox you buy at vendor is red, BUT for subscriber credits you can buy : rook graphic lunchbox , scion of purple graphic , glitch world logo , other solid colors to go with different decors, different cubimal or cubi faces , etc.
*****I would request that the lunchbox idea not delay the "bigger bags more colors" being implemented, as the extra colors of bags would be SUPER helpful IMO. ***** Thanks! ;)


  • I'd like to suggest a parallel for the lunchbox. Note that this isn't a replacement of the idea—just an idea for an alternative to exist alongside it.

    In essence? Picnic baskets. Picnic baskets would be really nice, especially for decorating. Glitchen already set up picnics in places, and I feel a basket could really help that.
  • I think these are great ideas. I always wished we had additional colors of bigger bags so I could organize my inventory more (organization being both a hobby and a challenge in game, as in real life!)
  • Oh, so you weren't suppose to just pile everything in your backyard. Rethinks organizational skills.
  • I would love to have more colors. Right now, I keep two of each bigger bag in my inventory.

    Love the idea for lunchboxes and picnic baskets too for food items. Or for me, a small igloo type cooler (since I'm usually headed to the beach) would be awesome for food and drinks! Would be great for parties too, you know the beer and drinks are always in the
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