"The Art of Glitch" book

Does anyone know anything about the digital version of the book? I know it's been a few years but what can be done with the digital book, like can you print an image and frame it? Is it high quality? Darn, I wish I would have known about the book way back when. Anywho, any info is greatly appreciated.


  • It's a pretty good thing that came out. I am not entirely sure if you can print it or not, but I do have a copy, and can try sometime when I get to the computer lab. It only just came out a little while ago to be honest.
  • Wait.....what book???????
  • (Wow, was I ever out of the loop!)
  • The book is great! I haven't tried printing the digital copy becauseI got a hard copy, but it's great quality, too!
  • I really wish I had a chance to buy it but I was too late and unemployed during the kickstarter.
  • This will sound really lame and sad (but I am genuinely insane and old now) but if we bought the book - which I have and cherish - did we get access to a digital copy too
  • They should have e-mailed a copy to you at one point.
  • Found it !! Hadn't realised I had an electronic one as well :) lots of happy memories! Especially robbing the Rube for dolls :D
  • Will this ever be available again?
  • I sincerely doubt they will ever re-print, as it seemed to turn into a huge headache to get them designed, published, and shipped.
  • If you'd missed the crowdfunding campaign but you'd still like to pick up a digital copy, here's where to get one of your very own!
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