Cubis in costumes

If we could get Kukubee to draw new cubimals for us, what about limited-availability holiday-themed cubis wearing costumes - like, a helga in a pumpkin costume, or the squid wearing bat wings for Double Zillowe'en, Yeti and Sno-man costumes for Glitchmas, cubis in egg costumes for the Post-Secular Egg Holiday ... I'm thinking one or two or three in a set, available at the Toy Vendor or the Special Items Vendor, around the holiday.


  • When I saw the title, my first thought was being able to buy teeny little outfits, and put them on whatever cubimal was my current favorite.
  • Oh, but that's awesome too!!
  • One size fits all?
  • I love both ideas for a Holiday Cubi series, and for some wearable cubi costumes!
  • I love both ideas, too. Oh, just imagine all your favorite cubis in little Yeti costumes!
  • Cubimal wardrobe? Cuteness abounds! Wait, what's that sound? Oh. I just heard the collective gasp of all the now jealous piggies! The squealing and stamping of piggy feet is deafening. They seem to feel they at least deserve hats or tail flags. One little piggy is especially heartbroken. His dream of wearing a bacon suit and the lol obvious irony may now never be realized. Very sad. Please consider the tail flags seriously. Remember, a pig without dreams can be a dangerous thing.
  • Yes, a cubimal wardrobe! We could perhaps have a small object that looks like a trunk that we can keep either in our home or in our bags, and inside that trunk would be cubimal costumes that we've purchased!

    @Coolbetty, I am also totally in favor of tail flags for pigs.
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