Donations? Crowdfunding?

I did a search, but I only saw conversations relating to sustaining Glitch after launch.

I understand that this is a labor of love, but I'm certain that there are more than a few Glitchen interested in supporting your efforts. What about having a goal of funding a new servUR? (Sorry, couldn't help myself.) The latest blog entry mentioned the current one can be testy. Is there anything we can do to help? The fan base of Glitch is an incredible lot who have remarkable patience and loyalty. This isn't a call to help fund a rushed launch - it's more of a How can we help support your efforts in launching the best version possible? :D

Much love and adoration for everything the Eleven team volunteers and alphateers are doing to rebuild UR. The refugees can't wait to come home!


  • I have an old, unused server lying under my bed. I have doubts that it works for something as large-scale as Glitch, but... eh.
  • We don't have a great need for income at the moment. We're managing to fund things internally at the moment, which is paying for our cloud servers. The server problems we discussed are not actual hardware server problems - it's the gameserver code we're writing from scratch. Reverse engineering is hard! Especially when we're doing it in a different language. Hang tight though, the time will come.
  • Maybe you can start a kickstarter when the time is ripe?
    I bet a few ex glitchens would fork over some pennies to revive Glitch, (or in this case: the Eleven project).
  • You do all have real life obligations and tend to work on Eleven in your free time, don't you? Some of those obligations include jobs, and if your income from that isn't quite enough, we might be able to chip in and help you lot out.
  • if they don't need money, send fudge!
  • I don't have fudge, but I can bake some cookies and send those.

    I have a recipe for a special frosting that I like to make.
  • i could send cookies too. hmmmm. we may be onto something...
  • I'm a crappy baker but I could ante up some handmade soap...
  • I'm really good at online shopping and can send quality alcohols.
  • Would love to throw some money towards the hard work these people are doing with Eleven Giants.
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    Can't buy alcohol legally yet, but I've got some expired grape juice in the fridge. Any takers?
  • Ok. So far we have cookies, soap, booze and grape vinegar. Also maybe a source to offset shipping. We're on a roll...
  • Maybe we can send them some unpaid interns...
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