Controversial Headcanon

The Rook is the 12th Giant.
The Rook is a hive mind.
The Rook is angry and destructive because They are not recognized by the other giants, and so it tears at their creations with its myriad claws and beaks.
Oddly enough, the 12th Age, the Age of the Rook, was the most balanced age ever seen.



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    I always thought that the Rook was the Giant of Reality or something, opposed to the weird and the fantastical of Ur. That, or the Giant of Destruction.
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    Its destruction of imagination to be exact. And yeah the Rook is the unspoken of 12th Giant, thats alluded to or hinted at in many ways and almost directly stated, but saying that it is imo takes something away from the game. It rather the unknown evil enemy which if you make it offical and have all the gossip etc from the animals all make sense i think the game loses a lot of its mystery if the Rook is declared the 12th Giant
  • That's why it's headcanon! :D
  • The Giants are actually a group of eleven best friends, all preteens, and the Rook is representative of society's tendencies to grind imagination and creativity out of children to make them perfect little worker bees.
  • ^ Yup,
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