Drawing Your Glitch

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Hey. This is a thread. I'll draw your Glitch. Ayup.

Just provide me with a picture of your beloved Glitch and maybe a request for something they should be doing and I'll have a drawing done.

Signups are currently open.
1. EiraFae [Penciled]
2. Axa [Penciled]
3. Katrin [Penciled]

Slots are not infinitely expandable.


  • my glitch: http://i.imgur.com/GD96xyd.png
    could she be nibbling a piggy? thank you <3
  • Oooh, so fun! Thanks, Seeen! Here's my girl:


    Maybe feeding a butterfly or batterfly?

  • It would be really amazing if you could draw mine!
    She doesn't have to be doing anything - maybe holding an emblem of Humbaba?
  • There might be a little delay on account of personal stuff, but I'll be sure to get these done.
  • I forgot! Working now.
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    The pencils are done. I can show them to you now, or you can wait for the colored versions. Your choice. You'll still get a colored version if you want to see the pencil now. There's no trade-off.
  • Would love to see what you've got if you get a moment, but I am also fine with waiting until the colored versions are ready. Thanks so so much for doing this!
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    My computer's been out of commission for about two weeks. Don't ask why, because it wasn't actually out of commission, it just turns out that I am a moron sometimes and completely overlooked my missing mouse, which I pretty much need to digitize and color anything.

    Anyway, I still can't color it, because of course I wouldn't have my little portable scanner with me. There's a scanner here that I could have used, but what do you know, I don't have the picture on me, either. This is a life lesson, probably. This is probably what it means to pursue a career as an artist. Don't do it. I mean, I'm too far gone. I'm probably going to pursue this fruitless, stressful thing forever. It's too late for me. But there's still hope for you. Or maybe not. I don't know you.

    Anyway, here's a bad phone photo I took back on September 29th when I actually finished the pencils. I took it just in case, I guess. I could use it for digitization and color, actually, because it is relatively clean and doesn't distort stuff much.

  • Wow @Seeen ! You have some real talent! Those are pretty awesome!
  • What b3achy said...!
  • Love them!
  • Oh my giants! I love them :D
  • Reopening signups while I get the digitization done. There may or may not be a digitization for the next five. I'm fickle.
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