The great piggy debate

We alphateers are wondering if anyone remembers definitively what the deal was with piggies, eating, and trants.
Some of us remember that staff said they don't eat from trees.
Some of us remember piggies eating from trees as we interacted with them.

Bonus points for providing sources!


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    They don't eat from trants. They just nibble from them, and the trants are so happy that they give the piggies cherries or whatever it is the specific trant grows.
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    That is a great line, Seeen!
    Does anyone else remember anything concrete one way or the other? Nailing down what was glitch-normal in this area of play will help us determine if the piggies are acting up in Alpha.
  • The piggies did at one time nibble trees, they also would eat from the ground any edible foods, If you harvested a tree when a piggy was near it would sometimes share the harvest, Way back Piggies rarely were hungry providing they were on a street with trants, the only exceptions were paper trees and wood trees. Piggies now are much too frail imho, they do not eat from trees or from the ground and thus are much a sadder shadow of what they once were. Yes it was annoying that piggies would sometimes trash your party snaffling up things left for others, but that was easily sorted by relocating the piggies or placing the foods up outta piggy reach.
  • I remember piggies would say 'Yum' if they were in the vicinity of a tree being harvested, though it did not seem to diminish the harvest, just a bit extra for the piggy.

    Towards the end of Glitch I (like many others I suspect) rarely harvested 'wild' trees. Just petted and watered to keep them alive, so I don't know if piggies still shared the harvest. It would be interesting to know.
  • I remember it the way @Faereluth described it.
  • I remember it like @faereluth says but now looking back I realize how insensitive I became after falling in crush with stoot. I stopped petting and feeding piggies and used them shamelessly to surround myself with things named stoot and parade around with silly names like stootelicious, Don't stoot til u get enough, stoot in the name of lobe, stoot me while I kiss the sky, etc... I has guilt now. I'm sorry piggies!!
  • @coolbetty Piggies understand. Piggies appreciate your apology.
  • Well, @needlehabit just reported seeing 2 piggies strip down a fruit tree in alpha this morning, so... seems we have some good evidence.
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    I just saw it happen, just now. Couple of hungry piggies stripped a fruit tree after I fertilidusted it back And then it happened again when I was dusting some spice trees to harvest.

    Addendum; it may have been that I was lagging just the right amount, because I saw one of the piggies ZOOM over and watched the fruit disappear, and I had never seen that before in all my life.
  • So maybe piggies need some kind of player interaction (harvesting, fertilidust) to feed from trees? In alpha they're definitely hungry/dying on streets where they're left alone with healthy trees.
  • Possible! It crossed my mind, but the trees they fed from were either dead or otherwise unhealthy/empty before I dusted them up. I really must get screen caps next time; I'd missed this thread before.
  • I don't recall them eating directly from a tree, but they would eat things on the ground, which means I would assume that piggies might've been able to eat things if trees dropped items sporadically, instead of just being able to devour everything from the tree. I can't remember mainly due to the fact that I was just using a feeder for my piggies at my house T-T
  • I just released a Powder of Startling Fecundity on Marylpole Mount, and the piggies dropped their meat, one of them said it was about to croak, and then they walked up to a bean tree and began chewing and saying 'yum.' I had not interacted with the bean tree.
  • The plot thickens!
  • Leftmost Graze: the trees were a little bit sad, but there were still edible bits on them--I Fertilidusted and then the piggies went right to the bubble tree and stripped it down twice. More evidence to indicate player interaction required, maybe?

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