Alphabear - Brent Kobayashi's new game!

You guys probably already know this, but Kukubee works at Spry Fox now, who made Triple Town and The Road Not Taken. Their new game is Alphabear, and it's got all the best parts of Scrabble in it, with cute bears!

But the reason I posted it is because if you listen very closely, once in a while, one of the bears whistles a refrain the main Groddle theme. The first time I heard it, tears sprang to my eyes.

Anyway, it's super fun, and you should try it if you like, um, words.


  • My boyfriend told me to download it because 1. I love bears and 2. I love word games, and as soon as I opened the game I was like "Wait a second, this is Glitch! These are cubimals.. this sounds like Glitch music!" "THIS WAS MADE BY THE GLITCH pEOpLE" I knew right away even without actually knowing! So many hours of playing Glitch years ago, and all of those little details still stuck with me! <3 What a beautiful wonderful world they created!

    Now if only I could get that dang Koala bear.
  • Their game "The Road Not Taken" has a lot of Glitch references as well.
  • b3achy, I bought "The Road Not Taken," but I haven't been able to get into it very much. It requires a little more strategy and I didn't immediately fall into it the way I did with Triple Town or Alphabear.

    Dipples, I find the best way to get the Legendary Bears is to just keep on keeping on through the levels, and then go back every once in a while to the levels that require coins. I was on Level 6 by the time I got the Koala. He's definitely worth it. :)

    They're still making tweaks, too, so it'll get easier. For a while some levels felt impossible, but they rebalanced things a couple of times, making some bears worth a little more and some puzzle days a little easier, so it's worth it to play every day. I've seen a Big Board that takes 110K to win it on a Monday turn into a Tuesday Big Board that only needs 78K or so.
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