What shall we call ourselves?

Shall we be Glitchen or something else?


  • I will always be Glitchen living in Ur.
  • This discussion already exists. Due to the small community here, it's absolutely okay to just dig up an old discussion if it has the topic you want instead of making a new one.
  • So sorry. I'd looked but apparently not hard enough. Does this mean it's better to only add on to existing conversation and not to start a conversation? I'm a little confused and maybe not sure of the etiquette.
  • I was confused at first, too, but I've been assured that you should just add on to existing conversations. I'm sure this rule may be subject to change as the forums grow, but for now, it's in effect.
  • @Axa, don't sweat it...it is preferred to add on to existing conversations in these forums (realizing that it's not the same for other forums), but if you don't see one, or the search isn't working so great, you can start a new one. Often, ladyceres will merge them if there are two that are similar enough...just do your best to find an old thread, but if you start a new one, don't worry too much. At least be cognizant of the threads that are on the first page or two of the category...if you start a new one and there is one there, then it's pretty clear you really didn't search super hard. It's not Ur ending or anything, but @ladyceres likes to keep things neat and tidy. :)
  • Thanks @b3achy and @Seeen! Feeling better now. Will work on being neat and organized (*gazes over cluttered desk and sighs*)
  • Always Glitchen
  • A rose by any other name is still a rose, therefore I am and always will be Glitchen.
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