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Did anyone else love looking at other people's towers in Glitch? Among many other things, this has been something I've really missed doing - seeing how imaginative and amazing all of you could be. So, would any of you like to share pictures of your tower? It doesn't have to be themed or creative, I like looking at any tower regardless.

Here's what mine looked like at the time of closing -
It wasn't anything much, just a place where I put furniture and sold yellow crumb and wine of the dead, but there you go. I was planning to convert it into something more original, which is why it's a little messed up, but then I got the news that Glitch was closing and lost all motivation to change it. Oh well. Anyone got better pictures of their tower they want to share?


  • Here's my Shrine of the Even-Toed Ungulate...which I'll be rebuilding.

  • ahhh, preetyy! mine was pretty for two floors and the third was for selling things, but at the very end of the game I started to remodel it only to never finish it!
  • I only ever did two floors, and my second floor was pretty uninspired, just a collection of cool and rare stuff. I coulda made it a lot prettier but never did. Next time around, I will.

    @Sutton, I love your cafe, so classy!
  • I never got around to making my tower :'(
    I was only level 11 when it closed.. I didn't play very often [something i regret daily now lmao]
  • I only built the first couple floors of mine. Started construction of the third but never finished.
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    Nothing out of this world, I usually sold stuff off my tower.

    I'm a month late, whoops.
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    Lobby: Water Sales and History of Pickles Display
    1st Floor: 3 Hot Chicks and Note Depository
    2nd Floor: The F Word Exhibit
    3rd Floor: Rube Museum
    4th Floor: Shrine Room
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    There was someone (wasnt me ) who had built a pirate ship either in their tower or in their house. it was super cool. will look for that pic . meantime, here is a pic of my lobby ( 1st floor)


  • How did you guys find the link to your towers?
  • @"Pirate Apples" - some links to the towers can be found via using Google and typing in the user name and the word "tower" in the search field. I found mine that way since there are no longer links from our homestreets to our towers like they were linked when the game was active. However, when I tried to do that for your user name, I didn't get any links to a tower page. I've found the Google search to work about 50-60% of the time, but I suspect some of the pages either don't exit any longer, or Google has just never indexed them, so it can't return them. Don't know if anyone has any better way to find them...
  • @"b3achy" Thanks for checking. Wish I had taken more pictures! :)
  • Building a tower was a top priority for me in Glitch, and I collected all the materials before placing it so I could finish construction immediately. Didn't have big plans for what to put in it, but I really wanted the space for future possibilities. Like you said, visiting other people's was always very inspiring. The "future" ran short though.

    Closing was announced when I added the third floor, so it became my last/only decorating attempt. The second floor was for selling furniture, which is why it's empty here.
  • yay! found it, this is the pirate ship , i mentioned previously. ( not mine ,was work of Amelia-Fae ) . I thought this was so cool, and intend on creating one for myself like it!

  • there were so many great tower and home decorators. This snap is a fave of mine, think it is a house and not a tower, but I love it. done by FyodorD .

  • Oh, I remember Amelia Fae's pirate ship! Definitely one of the most creative I ever saw. And no one could ever beat FyodorD for creating incredible set pieces with decorations and furniture (and other Glitchen).

    serenitycat, your lobby was beautiful! So elegant and zen.

    Cat Face, I remember visiting your F-Word Exhibit and it always cracked me up.

    I loved my own tower, even though it was rather humble.

    I had Miss Coco's China Canteen, a Tex-Mex/Asian fusion cafe, which did surprisingly good business.


    Above that was the Bed and Breakfast ("Where your bed is ALSO your breakfast!")


    And above that was Coco's Cosmic Disco:


    The top floor was going to be my Squid Sanctuary and Aquarium, but then, you know, the world ended and all, which put a little crimp in my decorating plans.
  • thanks @Miss Coco ! Your place is super cute too ! ( the origami cranes were one of my fave decors, I suggested them and was SO thrilled when others agreed and TS made them for the game!) @Loupin Loupins tower was super cool too . Here's a pic of the Gringott's Bank Floor.

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