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Hi! I used to play Glitch a long time back. I never got to play as much as I liked to sadly because I was preoccupied. I'm so happy to hear the game is returning. I don't really understand the game so much, I was wondering if there was any detailed lore to the world of Glitch, if so where might I find it?


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    Well, I think you have to start with the Glitch Lore with the original Alpha Trailer Video...

    As the game progressed, we started to get more of the lore of Glitch from various elements of the game. The rocks and trants and NPCs offered glimpses into the history of Ur. Many of these glimpses however were conflicting and probably often jaded, biased or wrong... however, it's how that entity in the game viewed their Ur reality.

    I've not found a good list of all these things (although if you go into the code, you can read the dialog each item has with your Glitchen).

    It is my understanding that the Eleven team, as part of putting the game back together, is extending the lore of the game so it will continue to build/morph with their work.

    ETA: I found this old article on the back story to the lore of Glitch, but as you read it, you can tell, the lore drastically changed from the time of this article to what was presented in the video...but still an interesting read: http://www.cnet.com/news/the-back-story-on-glitchs-back-stories/

    If you just want to know about each giant, which does provide some background to the lore, then check out the old Glitch encyclopedia - http://www.glitchthegame.com/giants/
  • I had forgotten most of this! Thanks for posting. It helps to jog the memory and remind me of my old connections to these Giants. I had my favs!
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