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Thinking about new kinds of parties, I was reminded of this old wish of @tis's - a party that's essentially a blank slate with floaty gravity and items "stick" where you drop them so you could build big art projects. I still think that's a cool idea! And I think you could get some neat variation in party styles which give you different backgrounds to work with. It would also be cool to have a "viewing gallery" area that party artists can invite guests to where they are cordoned off and can't pick up any of the dropped items outside the viewing area.

But what I think would be extra neat is if when you are finished, you can "save" the scaled-down artwork as a furniture "wall decoration" item! Maybe you can choose the final size.

You could also introduce a new item: the ViewMaster, which allows you to view slides of the final creations of past art projects (not sure about how they'd work yet), and share them with others, hopefully.


  • @scarlett I totally love this idea!
    I was just thinking about that I wanted an "art district " somewhere in game , like a whole street with buildings, with actual art museums/galleries , where our frabjous artists could do installations. Should I make a new thread to talk about art galleries/museums Or just continue here ?? I really like art project parties idea as a collaborative art effort , and the museums and galleries as more an artist to share their art in a public venue. I can remember having a list of "artists" that I wanted to go visit their towers to see what they were creating lately, but it got complicated to change from home street to home street to see the artists work.
  • I think that's a great alternate or addition ... I'll change the topic.
    I love that idea btw - it could be a thing that happens in the city of Abbasid, maybe ... the only concern is the typical one about scaleability, and that there would need to be a way to cycle installations? Or maybe the public and vote to keep an installation past an initial period?
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    Art Galleries could maybe work different than Museums. ( will there be active moderators??, cause some of these ideas would def need a moderator to handle.)
    Perhaps Galleries could be weekly ( real world time) ,that any player can submit their own artwork or nominate another players artwork to be displayed in the gallery. ( I saw entirely too modest artists ,who wouldnt have attracted attention to their own art, so i'd have happily nominated them!) I am thinking to simplify, it would be a snap of the art (as some art would be exceptionally difficult to re-create) would go in the FORUMS . A snap would also allow for submissions of art that were done on a tower wall, house wall, or "on a street" ( remember the toilet ,made of cubimals , on the flush street? ) or other locale in world . (I just think requiring the art to be "visitable" might be a bit restrictive) . Maybe make a category for snaps as art as well. ( several people were really good at capturing lovely snaps!) ( on a separate note , I'd love a parade of homes too,for home decorating, via snaps, will make separate thread) . Not sure how to be scaleable... maybe do submissions in the forums per week, people vote with lobe, and the top 5 or 10 snaps of art,per category go to the in game building, the Gallery. Then the voting starts again , in game at the Gallery, players must go to gallery building to vote for your top 1 in each category. The number 1 winners are then put on display in the building, the Museum , until the next round.
    Maybe TWO museums , 1 for player art that is outlined above.
    And a separate museum for solicited entries on a theme , like maybe weekly or monthly have a specific theme: like ice sculpture, still life, wildlife, religious ( like say you made an art picture of a giant tree to represent spriggan), joy ( what art would you do to represent "joy" ) , etc.
    OR just have a separate category that is " specific theme for the month " entries . and skip a second museum ( too confusing/) .
    So you'd have the system outlined above, and the categories could be :
    1) Snaps of Ur ( just for pretty snaps) 2) snaps of physical art that is created 3) snaps of art that are based on monthly theme. Thoughts ?
  • Maybe the submissions could run monthly: like 2 weeks to vote in the forums on the whole pool submitted , then 2 weeks of display in the Gallery to vote in person amongst the top 5 or 10. That gives players 2 weeks to remember to go by the Gallery in person to vote. ( perhaps Teleport scripts could cost 1 penny to the gallery , so everyone could be sure to arrive there , if they wished. ) Then on the new month, the number 1's go to the Museum for display for a month.
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