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  • Housing looks great. That's one of the things I didn't do much when I played before, but I think I'll spend a good bit of time with it this time around.

    It's kind of amazing how far you guys have come since I first discovered the project. There were only a couple of alpha testers, and the game itself barely ran. There've been lots of improvements in only a year or so of development.
  • Sounds so great! I would love to come help!
  • Me too cant wait to see the housing along with everything else, so if you need any help i would love to join the team but, i am in no rush, OH MY GOD what am i saying of course i am in a rush WAVE ...WAVE..WAVE...
  • Does anyone have any newer updates? ~ March 2017 .. last post here was September 2016.
    What's going on??
  • I believe the Blog has any official news updates.
  • Thanks Felix, I will check that again :)
  • So with the last blog update as Sept 2016, pretty much time to call this dead in the water and not happening eh.
  • edited August 2017
    ***Remaining optimistic***

    Looking at the screenshots in the other thread and wandering around Ur in CoU to try and stave off the cravings / avoid feeling discouraged... Heh.

    Lobe. <3<3<3 =^.^= <3<3<3
  • Hi everyone! WAVE WAVE WAVE * Back at gill288* I miss you.
    I Am Remembering Broccoli Jumping In " THE DROP"!
    Gathering coins...I really felt like we were flying!
    I Can't wait to do it again! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}
  • Hey there, near the end of August 2017 - is this version still being developed? I hope so! I miss jumping around on the moon or diving in the water or the purp (it's all about the shrimp), and so much more. Hope it all happens and I get to meet and enjoy it with everyone!
  • It will happen! It's already happened for a number of lucky ones who were accepted for alphateering. Keep an eye on the posts by alphas for their screenshots as they play!
  • I'd like to add to what Berylcrest said and say a big fat DON'T GIVE UP HOPE Glitchen! I'm a lucky Alphateer, LadyCeres plucked me randomly one lucky day a year ago and brought me in, and I can tell you (from a purely end-user perspective) Eleven is going amazingly, even if it's not open to public yet. What the devs have done is incredible, and Ur is so totally still living and well. And I can't wait to see all of you in-game at some point (hopefully) soon x
  • So why no updates since a year ago then?
  • I miss you too DeeBee! ;)
  • Not a lot has changed, besides the release of working* houses and towers. The game is still a bit unstable and suffers a lot of lag, and there are number of un-do-able things (quests, skills, NPCs, etc) that hinder game play. But every time the devs work on it, it gets a little better. There's just a lot to reassemble!

    No one can build a urth blockmaker in under three seconds, as they say!**

    *sometimes - and sometimes they fabulously fail! One lucky alphateer has a house in her house!

    **They don't, but you know what I mean. Hang in there! Pop in and keep an eye! It's worth the wait!
  • I hope this project is still developing. It's been years and I still get "hit in the feels" every time I am reminded of Glitch. I miss it so much.
  • Keep Moving Forward! Love you guys for what you are doing!
  • There's activity here, but the lack of blog posts in in fact not a very good look for the front page. What's a glitchen to do?


    Have a blog post!
  • Thanks for the Blog Post! I am having withdrawal and hope to get back in game "soon". To top this, my cable TV has been out going on the third day in a few hours. Just sitting here with little to distract me from Real Life - Heeelp! Lol!
  • I heard that there was a line I could be standing in... some sort of alphateer line.. a parade to another world much like one I frolicked around in once? maybe people in that line were handing out popcorn and I ate some and there were rainbows and free hugs? I'm pretty sure it was a line of people following each other around through a doorway in the universe to a party full of jokes and magic. So, is this where I go to stand in line?
  • Remember how people used to go AFK for hours and then die of starvation and then there would be a huge crowd of glitchen standing around in Naraka? I imagine that's how we all look waiting in line for the doorway ;)
  • Happy 2019! Are we still living the dream?
  • Hope everything is going good! Just recovered my forum account from 2015 it's been a while, but I'm glad to be back!
  • Hello everyone, happened to be browsing through my bookmarks when I suddenly remembered all about this (I blame the baby human that's taken over all my free time these last three years!).

    Glad the project is progressing (I recall some flash-related technical troubles just before my break on here, before that was all overshadowed with the whole "yeah, we gonna kill flash anyways" news that Abode dropped a year later anyway), can't wait to see how things shape up from here! :smiley:
  • hello i'm back after a long time of being away for study reasons but.... speaking of the flash cancellation (i only heard about it this morning whoops i'm behind), will eleven be converted to html 5 or something else like that? or has that already happened and i'm just out of the loop?
  • I will make a new post about the state of the project soon. This one is quite out of date!
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