What will your tower be like?

When you get back into the game and can have a tower on your home street, what will it be like? Will it be a marketplace? Will it be a display of your collectables? Will it be a place where you build Glitchy art? Will you have a party room? Will you have a stage for performance art? Will it reflect your interests? How many floors will it have?


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    I'll start... Since @Seeen asked what we were going to do first, I was wondering what I'd display in my tower. Fruits of my skilled labors? Here's an initial cut at what I think I want my tower to be like:

    Mine will be more functional than creative.

    I'd like to have a party room in the lobby - a place for people to gather if they want. May sell specialty drinks.

    The next few floors will be a marketplace based on what skills I have at the time:
    One floor for selling basic resources for those that don't like to go out and gather (may also put a set of machines here so people can process the resources in the same location);
    One floor for selling fruit, crops, and spices;
    One floor for selling herbs, tinctures, and maybe potions;
    One floor eventually for selling furniture and maybe advanced tools.

    Like my previous towers, I'll probably have at least one floor on top as a reflection room where I post quotes that have meaning for me (and those that share my beliefs can take them for free).
  • I think at least at first I'd like to recreate the function of my old tower, if not the appearance. My tower had two functions:
    a) a convenience store that resold most vendor-available items at an extremely modest markup (most 1-2c over unadjusted vendor prices for items under 100c) including building permits, papers and other bureaucratic hall goodies. Farming the building permits was strangely fun for me. It turned a modest profit and mostly was for my own convenience.
    b) a place to store rewards like musicblocks, gems, and emblems. I didn't do much with them but I was reluctant to sell them so I would throw them all in SDBs regularly.

    Here is a link where you can see my old tower: http://www.glitchthegame.com/locations/LA5EVG87I343BQ2/
    Each floor's decoration had a theme:
    Top floor: "the Eye of the Giants" emblem storage and wonderment room
    8th floor: "Gem Meditation Room" gem storage and spa retreat
    7th floor: "Zille Appreciation Room" featuring SDBs with pumpkin ghosts, Giant-sized chairs in case Zille ever stopped by, and a mysterious voice coming from the corner
    6th floor: "Purple Karaoke Bar" MB storage and karaoke theme. Limited supplies of purp and NoNo available from the shady SDBs in the corner
    5th floor: "RoboYeti Fun Parlour" offering some race tickets, a few toy vendor items, and sno cones. (Originally sponsored by RoboYeti, thanks again!)
    4th floor: "Vegetable Cafe" Crop Seeds
    3rd floor: "Bog Bar" Produce vendor items and a few basic drinks: beer, hooch, crabato, milk.
    2nd floor: "Uralian Tool Vendor" tool vendor items
    1st floor: "Bureaucratic Foyer" grocery vendor and bureaucroc items, firefly jars, quills.

    I'm not sure what direction the decorating will go next time. I might end up doing something completely different on some or all the floors.

    One thing that will be different is the name. I think I'd rename it "ScarBear's 24/11 Convenience", but it used to be "Aunty Scar's Bear Parlour". I settled on the name before I fully committed to the reselling thing, and it was sort of a personal homage to something my grandmother used to say to me ("Stay out of those beer parlours!") and I was too attached to change it later. But I did put a bear on every floor!
  • I loved towers. I had a 3 level tower that I used as a "marketplace" where I sold surplus goods or things I didn't like at prices so low(think 3 -6 currants for EVERYTHING,) you could sell them to vendors for a profit. People came in hordes, and my record was 18 people in the tower that bought up a month's work in 20 minutes. I was very popular on the find items for lowest prices site thing(what was that called?) because I was literally the lowest everytime.I got a lot of IMG from the visiting, as the majority of my IMG was spent on the street and people loved it, and I saw how the community could come together non-socially all without any talking or groups. Also, it gave me a sense of being in charge of a big social experiment. I actually have several pages of data on items reactions and statistics.
  • I think mine is going to be a combination of functional and purely display spaces-- restaurant with fancy meals for sale, bar with drinks, nightclub stage with drugs and potions. But interspersed between them, I think I want to show the restaurant kitchen , and a backstage/dressing room for the nightclub.
  • I'll probably recreate Snape and Essence -- I sold herbs, tinctures, and potions in a mushroom hut in the middle of the woods. I didn't really *sell* anything, or build it like I wanted... everything was secondary to building my home, but it was nice to have that little shack.

    Man, I wish I had taken snaps of it's interior...
  • I only ever sold a few things in my tower. I think I'd like to take a more decorative approach and have some themed floors. That'd be fun. I wish I could remember my tower's name, but I don't seem to have a snap of it.
  • Like my tower of yore, the first floor will be a marketplace for odds and ends (sometimes middles), but the floors above will be as weird as possible. Maybe creepy weird. Maybe a shrine to the Friedrich Nietzche doll. A room filled with Creamy Catsup and one Senor Funpickle Cubimal, lord of the catsup. I'm excited to come up with new themes.

    I do like the idea of a reflection room. Or a story building room (one person starts a story and others come by to continue it).
  • I will totally be remaking the Shrine of the Even-Toed Ungulate (http://www.glitchthegame.com/snaps/PUV4UJHN39E2828/272799-df48d2f691/) for all to come and leave offerings for His Toed-ness. I did put in offerings from time to time but most of the ones in that snap were left by others.

    Other than that...I don't even know! I know I want to build my tower as tall as it will go but...I guess I will think of things?
  • I love the idea that @b3achy said about the main level being a gathering room and selling cocktails, I really want to do that too! I'd probably use the next floor as a fancy restaurant like i did in my old tower. I'd sell some meals and more drinks in a nice setting with fancy tables and stuff. The third floor would probably be a toy shop, with cubimals and other small things, like the kids section of a supermarket. The fourth floor might be furniture and such? I remember making a ton of money on the old game from selling upgraded furniture for lots of money because I had an overwhelming amount of credits, but I doubt that Credits and paying real money in order to get credits will be implemented in Eleven. So I don't really know yet, I might have to check out other people's towers first and kind of base mine off of the good ideas shown in theirs!
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