What will you do differently?

(Or, if you're one of our new Glitchen, what will you do in the first place?)

Hello. I'd like to ask all of you what your plans are when Eleven opens up. What different skill path might you follow? How differently might you play? I will start with my own telling.

When I got into Glitch, it was a wonderful thing. But I missed out on a lot of the wonder through nobody's fault but my own. Instead of stopping to smell the roses, I had a large tendency to ignore the scenery and the music, only ever realizing how gorgeous the game really is after it closed down. This time around, I would feel more inclined to just... look around. Not try to get somewhere, but stroll around through Groddle or some other region, just to enjoy the scenery and take it all in.

Likewise, my first few skills will likely be the same ones I initially chose; EZ Cooking, Blending, Distillery, and Cocktail Crafting. But from there, I may go a completely different direction! Perhaps I'll learn Animal Kinship, or get into some of the Industrial skills. I'm leaning towards skills that I never explored in Glitch such as those two.

Finally, there are a few new things I know about, but... I'm not sure I'll explore any of those. Resource routes, for example. Are they a cool idea? Yes, definitely! But... I don't like them. To me, it seems that they discourage exploring the wonderful world set out for us. I'd much rather trek across several regions to find what I need than go to a resource route for it.

Anyway, that's my two currants. To you new Glitchen, don't make my mistake! Make sure that you stop to smell the roses once in awhile.



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    The one thing I wish I had done in Glitch was exploring all the streets, and finding the hidden streets, and mastering the various seam streets.

    I tried to master all the skills in Glitch across the board rather than specializing...but I still missed getting a ton of them as learning times became so long. I may try to specialize this time around.

    I really love the cooking skills, but frankly the way the game is structured, food and most drinks become nearly irrelevant at higher levels, which saddens me because I would probably love to focus on cooking again, but it seems a bit useless at a certain level.

    I might try to work on building furniture this time.

    Also, I know I want to have lots of herbs in my yard and maybe on my street (because the flowers are pretty) - though putting crops on the main street can be a complete headache when people come through taking all the herbs and not replanting. Not sure I'm up for the full skill set of potion making (since it's rather challenging trying to do it right now with just the community gardens in Alpha, but it might be in the cards if I have my own herb garden plots). And I might have a few crop plots too. Maybe farming herbs and crops (for resale on the auctions or in my tower) will be my alternate calling after carpentry.

    I really want to try to be less competitive and less about trying to complete everything (skills, achievements, etc), and just have more fun...though I suspect being competitive is actually fun for me. I'm pretty antisocial, so not sure joining parties and groups are really my bailiwick, but I might try to be more involved in some of the social aspects of the game - the Zilloween candy parties, the scavenger hunts, the questing groups, etc. And maybe rather than logging in with a goal to complete, I'll accept more of those random party invites, and be a little more spontaneous.

    ETA: One thing I will probably do the same is lots of mining. I liked mining, but not with the crazy sparkly groups (too confusing and too many rules, IMO). I liked to find out of the way places to mine. I was also one who couldn't walk past a nub without mining it down to nothing so it would regenerate for others.
  • I'll probably do a lot of exploring, which was my main focus before, but I'd like to be more social this time around. I was a bit shy and it meant there were lots of parts of the game I more or less missed out on.
  • I'm definitely going to be more select in skills I learn and have a fixing business.
  • Last time I focused on exploring above everything else. I think this time I'll move through the world a little more slowly.
  • Differently? Not too much. I'll definitely spend a little more time actually exploring Ur. I feel that the creation of Imagination and Home Streets really took away the experience of aimlessly wandering in search of ??? with sort of a sheltered existence. People were much more likely to work on their homes than interact in the world. Not to say it didn't happen, just that it had a noticable impact on overall game experience.

    I dunno. I'll probably follow the same initial skill tree set. I essentially had completed everything time consuming (all the skills, shrines, walked all the streets, top 200 on Tii's favor leaderboard). I'll definitely focus more on acheivements than I did before. Maybe spend more time doing needless but fun things, I'm certainly looking forward to making drinks and potions once more.

    Sure Marge it's not 1985 *now* BUT WHO KNOWS WHAT TOMORROW COULD BRING
  • I will definitely hang out with people more -- I didn't, really, until the announcement of The End, and only then found out what I was missing with y'all.

    And I also won't be in such a hurry to get things done.
  • So far the only thing that I'll do differently is the order in which I learn my skills. I'll probably try to get the learning skills done asap followed by the basic herb growing and tincture skills (so I can earn more exp and whatnot faster).
  • I definitely want to hang out with others more. I really didn't have many Glitchen friends when I played the game, and I felt too shy to try and make any or join any of the big groups. This time I'd like to have lots more friends!

    I'd also like to explore more. Toward The End I tried to hit all of the streets, but I'd like to take more time doing that.
  • My brother and I played this game together (my other brother played during Alpha but quit) and what we didn't do was split up our skill set. This time around, we're dividing the skills - I'll specialize more in the animal/plant skills, him in the building/alchemy skills.

    I'm really going to spend more time exploring and documenting. My biggest regret is not taking more snaps and creating memories. I mainly didn't get to know other players as my brother and I worked together often. This time around, I'll try to get to know you lovely people!
  • Even though I'm pretty antisocial, I so want to friend all you folks that have said you are shy...((((Emo Bear Hugs))))
  • I would learn levitation and piety first for leading conga lines and fighting the rook. I would throw more parties. Make more funny videos. Never miss a zilloween again. Keep the legend of "nanookie the veal of trees" and the ways of ""be-the-tree" and the ever popular "pssssst! with sugarj" alive by wandering the forests of ur inviting others to play. I would try harder to find other glitches home streets. And be naked more. In cowboy boots. And my unicorn hat.
  • I would explore with my best friend tingaling! collect currents and explore the place before movign to the next , i will also colelct currents which i had one million ... damn that it wotn be so easy now but anyway , i have not explored all of glitch since i was playing the game so i guess i wont waste my time staying in the same place! :) i miss groddle and uralia
    Id probably make my home too and spend time on it
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    Before the game closed, my entire game was about selling things in my tower and cubimals. I would occasionally go to people's parties and such, but I never really did anything like cooking, gardening, or mining. My entire game was based off of cubimals and making currants, which is something I really regret. This time around, I'd really love to just calm down a bit and focus on doing everything that they make available to us. I'd love to try the cooking skills, and I would love to, like you said, just walk around and see everything that there is to see. I really wish I had stopped and talked to more community before the game closed, for my game was just for the currants and for myself.
  • When I played the game I was 14, so naturally, I found enjoyment in summoning the Rook, poisoning trees, hog-napping, and committing other horrible atrocities. This time around, I'll try not to be as terrible a person. Instead of learning the toxic skills, I'll go for the more friendly ones. I'll probably focus more on cooking and brewing though. Excited to see this game get a second chance. I think we'll see a lot more active and all-around appreciative players this time around.
  • I will Live the entire world more fully and completely.
  • I just read through all of these comments and I think that our impending Glitch homecoming makes for a cool thought experiment.

    It's interesting how many of our Glitch "regrets" and woulda coulda shoulda's echo those of real life. The desire to spend more time getting to know one another, exploring more, learning more, and the like.

    When we are finally welcomed back to Ur we'll bring these renewed goals with us. In the meantime, I plan to reflect on this and do some of the same in our less whimsical, though entirely real world :)

    </ philosophizing>
  • I lurked for a long time before I summoned the courage to chat or even post in the forums. I as welcomed with open arms by the PBMS-ers and never looked back. One of the things I will always love about Glitch was trying new things wasn't scary (once you were courageous enough to try it the first time).
  • Yeah, it is kinda funny how they apply to real life, too! I was the same way in Glitch as I was in real life. I only cared about making money and selling things, but I guess the Glitch experience showed me that I can't get through like that.
  • I spent a lot of time exploring and will probably do so again. So many lovely places to go! But, I didn't do many group events and activities until it was nearly too late, so I want to interact more.
  • Same as most here, appreciate the community and social aspects more. While I would try to join in with anything I came across, I never went looking for them, or really stopped to chat to someone just for the experience of having that conversation.
    I also want to get good (at least respectable) at Game of Crowns. I was truly dreadful at it before lol!
  • Mostly I just want to hang out in chat again. Now that we have the code there aren't really experiments to do, so I won't need skills, items or money. I think I'll restrict myself entirely to giving actions rather than taking actions, so exist entirely by petting, hugging, watering, etc. No nibbling or harvesting. No quoins. No selling. No picking things up.

    Probably I'll be ascetic and have no bags as well.
  • I'll definitely explore more places than I did on Glitch. I usually wouldn't go into some buildings in some locations of it wasn't absolutely necessary. I always thought I'd have a chance to go back some time later.... I regretted that once it shut down. And probably learn more skills
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    But @humbabella I need you to analyze which recipes are the best! I think that luxury tortellini may replace tasty pasta? BUT I DONT KNOW!
  • Participate more in parties, being more social, and I see myself spending money on this game.
  • Pay more attention to completing quests!
    Try to be more social.
  • I won't get addicted to no-no powder this time.... d: my poor glitchen
  • I'll probably do a lot of what I did the first time (exploring, making rainbow snocones [gotta get that that badge again!], collecting cool stuff for my house), but I would really like to be more social. I often felt kind of left out because I wasn't very social.
  • I don't know...I liked the way things were the first time.
    I had groups of people I was social with, and could always find someone around.
    But, I am a bit introverted and like to do things by myself...so I did.
    I'm pretty competitive and enjoyed the few ways there were to exercise that, and did them when I wanted.
    I liked skills, making things to leave around for people or to donate, resource routes as I spent so much time in game that it was very hard to get enough of anything otherwise. I would take off and just wander when I felt like it...sometimes focus on my house, or cooking, or achievements, or visiting other people's towers, or seam streets...and everything else.
    I did what I felt like.

    I don't see how I'll things much differently this time.
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    Like Bunnykins I liked how I played the first time - I did a lot, explored, gained achievements, helped others, decorated, hung out, etc.
    Also, like many have posted in this thread I was introverted; many of the achievements that required groups of people were left until last. I was extra proud of stepping out of my comfort zone to ask for the help to get those :)
    If it's possible I'd like to be more involved with our timelines, where we posted updates and where the updates and achievements of our friends appeared. I've spent the afternoon on my Glitch character page, scrolling down into the past until I reached my first notification and really enjoyed being reminded (through the comments, snaps and replies) of all the depth we brought to the game. I wish I'd done that more. I will do that more, if I get the chance.
  • I would like to get ore friends, i played with my family but did not have many in-game friends that I talked to a lot. One thing I liked that I did do was set up a delivery service, it was a whole route of connected or known house streets that had certain resources, like the bean route. That had a req of at least something like 3 bean trees so someone could walk down that route knowing they would get a sufficient supply of beans. The routes were so cool and I would love to sponsor and help with those again. I can't wait to see all the people again, everyone working together. I hope to also work on some of the team stuff again, I kind of neglected that, like fighting the rook and what not, i did that like once or twice. I would also love to have a safe spot where you can like leave something, a rotating freebie pile, although those do not always work out! I would love to play again!
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