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I feel like it would be interesting if you could define a full name for your Glitch. Not for much purpose other than a little bit of flavor, and maybe people could view it. Done well, it could really add to the whimsy of our little world!

See, your Glitch's username and the full name you define don't even have to be the same. The username can be considered to be some sort of alias if it doesn't match the full name.

For example, my username is just Seeen. But I could define my full name in terms of title, first name, middle name, and last name. (Maybe this can tie in with the temple idea for titles?) But you don't have to define any names if you don't want to! You can even just define a title. It makes for more combinatorial creativity that way, I'd say.

Here's some examples, using names I've made up.

Username: Dr. Potato
Title: Dr.
First Name: Spudnick
Middle Name: Starch
Last Name: Potato
This one clearly has a last name that lines up with the username, in addition to giving a more detailed full name.

Username: Slothful Pianist
Title: [none]
First Name: Ima
Middle Name: Xavier
Last Name: Ampelle
This one has names that don't match the username, making the username more of an alias.

Username: Sir Orange Prance-a-Lot
Title: Sir
First Name: John
Middle Name: Spakti
Last Name: Egoopla
This is just another alias one to show that I'm not implying that aliases are limited to titles. They can look like names, too!

Username: Seforven
Title: [none]
First Name: Seforven
Middle Name: [none]
Last Name: [none]
Having only one name should be entirely possible, too!

Username: Ell E. V. Ein.
Title: Ms.
First Name: Ellen
Middle Name: Emmi Vulcan
Last Name: Einstein
There can probably also be multiple middle names, though I do recommend a character limit so it doesn't get too out of hand...

It's nothing more than a flavor feature, really. But it might be interesting for some purposes, like, for example, bureaucracy.


  • Looking back, I really don't see much point to this. It doesn't need to be a feature to happen, unless it becomes important for certain Skills or something.
  • Cool idea @Seen. I want to be Lady Cassandria Gerardina Laughsalot. :-)
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    Cool Stoot Lobin
    Betty Bam La Bam
  • Royal Empress of the Beach aka b3achy aka Beach Bum
  • I really like this idea just for official things like your homeowners permit and stuff. Maybe the glitchen have to carry around an ID card (Doesn't take a slot in their inventory, it's linked to them) where if people are curious about their full name they can click on the person, click ID card (or something), and then see their name along with their join date, and maybe some other things like Chef (if they primarily base their game on cooking) or Cubimal Wrangler (if they primarily base their game on Cubimals), or really anything else that they can customize. This could help people get to know how others play their games without having to ask, and maybe get a feel for how people are before you actually speak to them. Just a thought :>
  • @Sutton I like that idea. I second that.
  • Lady Artemis Aphelion! :D
  • @Sutton that's a wonderful idea and it also means we can be absolutely more outrageous!
  • I think it's a neat idea, too!
  • I love the idea, and definitely think this should be taken into consideration. It's just so cool and creative!
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    I already had a "self-designated" title in my profile, and it would be super cool if that was somehow easily viewable in game. I know that the things we dream of get prioritized by the 11-ers. ( what do i call them ? re-developers?? ) and I know this would be really "for flavor" , but I like it alot! I would be serenitycat, Mistress of Cubimal Names (at least). (since it was my idea suggestion that caused us to be able to name cubis) . I'm sure that I'd come up with a bit more names....
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    @"Lill Missy" - hmmm, I'd have thought it was Lill Missy the Grand Empress Hoarder of All Things... ;) (I've been to your temp street...and the one next to it...)
  • That's just proof that I'm a great tester! ;)
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  • Officially adopted as my new name!
  • I will never be as khoul as you...that's awesome!
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    Doolittle the absent minded wanderer.
  • Username: BitOWit
    Title: Miss
    First Name:Bit
    Middle Name: Olivia
    Last Name: Wit
  • What a great idea - I shall have to ponder what my full name would be?

    Title: Miss
    First: Chief
    Last: Maker

  • Username: cvrt_ops
    Title: Agent
    First Name: Covert
    Middle Name: Classified
    Last Name: Operations

  • Slarty Bart Fast
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    Looking back, wow did my sense of self-loathing used to be strong.

    Username: Seeen
    Title: Queeen/King/Sysadmin/Doctor/Grand Poobah/Empress/Sultan/Lord/Duchess/Hierophant/Dame/Leader/Patriarch/Matriarch/Quatriarch/Executive Chief Officer/Mayor/Vice President of Marketing/Nurse/Sir/Madame/Secretary/etc.
    (Sort of a running joke from another game in which I played a ruler whose title changed every time their name was mentioned.)
    First Name: Seeen
    Middle Name: Sienna
    Last Name: Paz
  • Username: Sukistar
    Title: Miss
    First Name: Suki
    Middle Name: Shearen-Sheep
    Last Name: Star
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