A Unified Theory About the Nature of Ur

I read through all of the dialogue of all of the inhabitants of Ur. As you'd expect, there were massive contradictions and inconsistencies between the different inhabitants. They all had different stories concerning how Ur and the Giants worked. But I believe that every single one, in some way, is true.

Allow me to explain. Ur is a world of imagination, obviously, which we are told exists in the mind of Eleven Giants. However, there's where things get a little weird. You see, some inhabitants claim that some of the Giants were created by another Giant. Some claim that the world itself is the reason for the Giants to exist, not the other way around. Some claim that everything in Ur just imagined itself into existence. Here's the thing; it's all true.

Every single rock, tree, piggy, and other inhabitant of Ur exists because it imagined itself. They're all around because they know they exist. But the mind is prone to wander. They'll start to imagine up stories for themselves and their kinds, which, in a susceptible world like Ur, become true, even retroactively! Among these stories were the development of the eleven Giants, which were basically imagined up by the denizens of Ur. They were made retroactively, much like other things, and they imagined up the world. Because they imagined up the world, and the world imagined up the Giants, the world therefore imagined up itself, and the Giants imagined up themselves. Is this complicated? Yes. But it all comes together somehow.

But, of course, there's one big issue. Every denizen seems to think in terms of its own Giant's domain. As the Peat Bog says, Giants don't really know what anything is other than what their domain entails. This is more how the denizens under their domains think, because the Giants themselves are essentially the embodiment of the imaginations of those things. And the inverse? Is also true!

The issue with this is that, if this were to be the case, there would be no unified world. You'd have rocks, trants, animals, water, all these things, but absolutely no connection between them. They have no reason to connect, and they won't.

That's where the Glitchen come in. The Glitchen don't think much of themselves, and they don't follow just one Giant in particular. Glitchen imagine up things in general, and acknowledge the imaginary existence of everything, not just things that are like them. Because of this, the world is unified. Piggies and trants show up on the same streets, rocks and water both exist in places like Jal... Glitchen are the connector. Glitchen hold everything together.

But where did Glitchen come from?

Well, the story is that they were a little glitch in the imaginary process that resulted in this strange creature. I propose that Glitchen came to be once some inhabitant, somewhere, or even some Giant, turned their thoughts outside of their own domain, if only for a brief moment. An impossibility, so out of their nature and unlikely that a creature was created out of it. And these creatures, as they unified the world and brought it together, thus caused more thoughts out of domain. After all, the inhabitants were all sharing a world now, they would be forced to acknowledge the others sooner or later. And with these thoughts came more Glitchen.

And... well, that's all I've got for now. I know this all seems very abstract, but keep in mind that Ur itself is an abstract world.


  • I personally take a scion of Purpleesque approach to Ur. Things exist everywhere and everywhen because they think they are!
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