Collecting Craftybots

Near the end of glitch I got really excited for a second when I saw I could set my crafty bot to make things(I'm not a tester...yet). I tried it, and he/she just sat there. Turns out it wasn't that cool after all. What I was hoping for was it would disappear and come back in a few hours/days with what I wanted. Should craftybots do something like this? What I'm thinking of is you set it a task you have the skills to do, give him a few ingredients/things to make ingredients to speed it up(if you give it everything it's just done like normal), then you send off with a button and it goes off into the actual world and does that task from the bottom up, like gathering the spice off of actual spice trees, then changes it, then cooks something. Opp for strangers to help? For gardening stuffs crafty buys it off auction? Has it own garden? Makes you have to give it seeds if so? Anyway it comes back and charges you for how much work he did and how long it took him/what he bought off the auction. If you don't pay it puts it on the auction or something. Just thought it would be better to have crafty be an entire 'nother element to the game.


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  • I don't like that. I feel like it really just gives players an excuse to sit around and never explore for themselves.
  • seems too much like botting to me, even if there is a cost! plus if we saw all these craftybots out in the world it would cause a lot of lag and make things seem less, personal I guess is the word. I'd rather trade hi 5s and random kindness with fellow glitchen than robots :)
  • I would make mine do my least favorite thing - pick up bat guano.
  • Craftybots were originally designed to stay within a person's home and do basic repetitive crafting tasks for the owner. While I think it takes a way from the player experience of the game, I guess it helps with the more grindy aspects of the game for some players. I don't have any real issue with what they were originally intended for since a player can chose to use it or not (I'm one of those that probably wouldn't use mine much). Expanding their capability to do more than that, I don't think I'm overly fond of, especially auctioning or gathering things in Ur. Agree with @kachek47 it seems too much like botting up the game, and defeats the purpose of people actually playing.
  • My CraftyBot was a pain in the neck. It never really worked right at all. The choices on the menu included "kick." I did that a lot, lol.
  • They did not finish perfecting it when they released it though, which is more than likely why it was so hard to get it to do anything. But i do not think it would be a good idea to have it be able to do more it would make various things way too easy to do and give little reason to explore / visit places
  • I agree with Lyrical. Even tho I never paid much attention to bot's in Glitch.
    Maybe I should when we start again!!
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