this is me introducing myself

i signed up with eleven awhile ago when i heard testing was going on but i never came by to say hello because of shyness or whatever

(and then forgot, because my day job takes up most of my time)

at any rate, hello. i am (not the artist formerly known as) prince, better known as kip, and i was running under the username "yupui" before glitch went offline. i had only signed up a month before the announcement that glitch was unsustainable, so i didnt have much time to create experiences in Ur, but in that time i was able to explore, create, and enjoy glitch to its fullest. my impression of the community was extremely positive and i have high hopes that a second iteration of Ur will draw out the same sort of stuff from new players

but i suppose the first step is actually getting to know the people who will be playing so...... here i am. how do you do?


  • This is me welcoming you. Hello! Welcome!
  • Hello! I'm Artemis, but it's much more convenient to just call me Art! Welcome home! Can't wait till we're all reimagined :D
  • This is me waving hello & welcome to you. hihi
  • This is me saying 'You have such a treat in store!' and waving 'Hi!'
  • hello. coolbetty aka coolbettycakes (beta l& ll) it might be fka but i'll figure that out later. i'm here hoping you have many imaginative wonderful happy times returning with us to ur! fyi; as a certified be-the-tree master graduated from the school of nanookie (divine glitch mother of all that is be-the-tree ) i'm here to remind you that all trees are your friends! the big forest ones are slightly jealous of the fruit and bubble trees getting all the petting so don't forget to hug them too. they're very proud of their ability to hide the sun and provide shelter. and they don't mind if you hide behind them while going "psssssssssssst", even if you're naked. they're kinda cool that way. but not about being peed on. anyhooch, welcome welcome to elevengiants forum and if you have any tree questions... :)
  • Hello, prince! Can't wait to interact with you!
  • Welcome! I'm not that active myself, but I'm happy to make your acquaintance
  • Hello. Snackyp here. Is the name Kip in anyway related to the Lightbringer series? Anyways, welcome friend.
  • Heyyoo! <3
  • @Snackyp

    nope! the name belongs to my grandfather (its a nickname. my formal name is jacob)
  • Hiya! Nice to meet you.
  • Hi there! I'm pretty sure we were friends last time around... can't wait to see you out and about in the world!
  • edited October 2015
    I was OctaviousOrion in game as well. Can't wait to be able to play again. Also, i remember you Djabriil :D many people i remember from so long ago.
  • Hugs and Hi Fives to everyone! Welcome home!
  • hello everyone So good to see you again! Blows kisses!!! and sends out big bear hugs!
  • Hi, I'm Mer Maid, more commonly called Mer.
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