Looking to contribute

I'm a software engineer looking to help contribute in my spare time. I sent an email to the emails on the "Contact Us" page last week, but haven't heard anything, so I figured I'd try here. PM me here to get in touch.


  • I saw your email, and I think you'd be a good fit. I'll poke kaiyon about it - we have been a little busy with RL things of late, so it's nothing personal. Sorry!
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    Hey, I don't think this question warrants an email, so I'm just tossing it in the pot here.

    While I'm not a skilled enough coder to create codes to make everything tick, I was wondering if there were any general codes that need to be typed up that are really just repetitive work, of the same general stuff over and over. I can do repetitive tasks and basic codes if it helps the people who know more about what they're doing focus more on the bigger challenges.
  • My bad! I dropped the ball a but while visiting family. Already rectified!

    @Seeen: not much in that reason right now, sorry, but keep paying attention, as we fix all the things, we'll need more people every so often.
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