Which age?

In Glitch, we were in the Twelfth Age, there was dialogue from the rocks and grants to that effect. It followed the first eleven ages where each giant held sway for a while.
What I've been wondering is if maybe when we get to relaunch, we will be in the Thirteenth Age? Since the Giants woke up in between?


  • That sounds interesting, though it would require some dialogue rewriting...
  • Wait... what was the in game explanation for the end of glitch? The rook? Giants going to sleep?(I know the real life reason) but what was the cannon in game explanation?
  • We Are Durza, it was exactly the opposite of the Giants going to sleep. It was that the Giants were waking up.
  • There are stories in the works for this. ;)
  • The reason that was given upon closing was the Giants woke up, while the game was active they were supposed to be asleep and we were living in their dreams
  • How many years in an "Age"? Since the calendar is still running from Glitch, maybe the "Age" is still the same?

    Corollary question...so, if we originally played in Glitch, do we use our birthdays from Glitch or do we get new birthdays for when we joined Eleven? If I use the same logic as for the age, then I assume we keep our Glitch birthdays...we're just much older and hopefully wiser.
  • We can probably set up a calculator that converts your birthday into a Glitch birthday.
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    @Seeen, I already know my true Glitch birthday is 5 Doom Year 13 since I joined Glitch on 10 March 2011. But what I was asking is do I keep this birthday in Eleven, or is my Eleven birthday when I joined the Eleven forums (or for that matter when I got picked for testing since that is when I entered the game here - which would be 2 Spork Year 41 (Lemadan holiday))? I was thinking of starting to celebrate my Glitchen's birthday in game, and was wondering what would be the proper protocol. Of course, I could just celebrate all the days...might be a good reason to have more parties. Since we go through about 7-8 years per RL calendar year, my Glitchen is feeling a bit like a dog in how fast she is aging.

    BTW, I'd be into some very old Giant Ages if we wanted to attempt to convert my RL birthday into a Glitch calendar day, since I existed long before Glitch was imagined...the Glitch calendar for the 12th Age starts on RL calendar day Wed Apr 01 2009.

    There is already a Glitch calendar converter here: http://startlingfecundity.com/calendar
  • How about a rebirthday?
  • That could work...it's something to ponder though. :)
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