Character Codes

When Eleven is launched, will we be able to upload a character code if we've already designed our characters, or will we need to go through and readjust everything?

I'm sorry for asking so many questions and making so many threads. I'm just... invested, I suppose, and I didn't see this question answered anywhere else.


  • I am honestly not sure, and I will check. I don't think the ability to upload would be permanent, but maybe for the first few weeks of's a question of keeping things secure, and allowing uploads might not be best practice.
  • Maybe you can have some sort of flag for it to allow certain users to do it in only the initial creation of the character?
  • I don't think uploading or rebooting from something would be a good idea. Having to start over from scratch (excluding certain items in everyone's inventory) was one of the experiences Glitch had in alpha/beta, I believe. I'd assume that Eleven being more publicly launched would still be some type of open beta; anyway, it would be nice for all people to start at the same place.
  • Oh, no, I meant the ones made in the Eleven development website's Wardrobe/Vanity section, not the old characters from Glitch.
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    Everything is from scratch, not a dev but its been answered on other threads. They are rebuilding the game and any old data was not saved nor would it be legally possible to use old data. Tiny Speck made the code available to all but thats not the same as everyones account data which would be a legal nightmare if it were to be used. So everything will be from scratch. Eleven does have a wardrobe and vanity it just is not connected to the game yet. All clothes that existed in Glitch plus some new ones are already in there. Right now if you use the vanity code is shown , not sure if this is a feature Eleven means to keep though.
  • He's talking about the current 'save' feature we have on the vanity right now, and if he spends time tweaking his character, if he'll be able to upload it for use in the proper game. I am not sure of the answer to that yet. There's still some question about how we'll distribute the former premium items, as we haven't hashed out how exactly we'll raise funds for the game. There's a lot to think about, and that's why the answer isn't straightforward. It has nothing to do with data from Glitch.
  • For some reason i read it as both kinds of data, sorry. But yeah i kinda figured nothing had been solidified yet
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