A Clean Slate?

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Is the player database from Glitch going to be used, or are we all starting out fresh? Because I'm honestly hoping for the latter.


  • We have no access to old data. It would have been a minefield of security issues for them to try to release it.
  • Oh, yeah, that makes a lot of sense.
  • I know the idea of building back up to where you were seems terribly daunting, but just think...it's been a couple of years since it closed, and even longer since you started. You get to fall in love with Ur all over again! I have had many moments since the project started up that I felt a rush of affection for things I didn't appreciate enough the first time around. I think once everyone is back in and doing their thing, it will be a joy, rather than a slog, to build yourself back up again.
  • Absolutely agree. When we played Glitch in alpha we were re-set countless times and things changed radically all the time. It is all good for learning and an opportunity to take a new direction. It will be fun and interesting as ladyceres says.
  • Oh, whoops! I meant to say that I was hoping for the latter! I didn't realize that I had said the wrong thing.
  • Ah, that makes more sense with the title then!
  • One of my Glitch feature requests back in the day was the ability to reincarnate somehow... I actually liked getting to start over again and again from the Alpha and Beta of Glitch. I used to play Kingdom of Loathing and they had a similar mechanic where you could play again with a different class but keep some skills from an old one, it was pretty neat actually. I'm really excited to start over and so something different, I'm just having a hard time waiting to play!
  • I've forgotten so much (I feel so inferior next to all of you who remember loads of little details). So even though I was expecting to be starting fresh anyway, this is a very good thing for me!
  • Yeah, I was still pretty new. I forget lots of stuff. I'm glad to be getting a fresh start
  • So excited for my little January to discover the new world of Ur! I also forgot practically everything about Glitch... oops, so we'll be learning new things together. Yay! uUu
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    I can't wait! I was hoping for (and expecting) that we'd have to start over again and I am so excited to get started when the time comes! Ah, to rediscover the joys of Ur once more!
  • I have another question, actually.

    In the original Glitch, as far as I know, everyone was started off in Groddle Landing after getting through Gentle Island. Will that be the same, or will we get to be dropped randomly into the world?
  • Wasn't it in Groddle before the advent of home streets?
  • I'm not entirely sure. I just recall that I was dropped into Groddle Landing when I joined—which was after home streets were created—and everyone I introduced to the game—many of which stopped playing before long—were also dropped in Groddle Landing.
  • I landed in Alakol - I think in Torpan Cleft? RIght after the first beta ended and the game opened.
  • I landed in Andra, I believe in Sakinalu Shreds.
  • I am super excited to start over. I have no idea where I landed and don't remember loads of details. I'm excited to cherish all of the little moments that I glossed over when I first joined. I didn't realize how much I would miss it

    I'm not really a gamer and nothing has been able to replace glitch for me. I'm having a hard time patiently waiting.
  • i agree, i was able to play in alpha and beta of glitch, unfortunatly life caught up with me and my poor butterflies went neglected, i really had fun and i miss it. its hard for me to be patient
  • I'm excited to start over, I don't mind. Perhaps this time I will stop and "smell the roses" a little more often, instead of rushing things and running past things that may have been interesting.
  • I really like the idea of starting again too. I want to revel in the early stages of the game, really bask in nostalgia. I'll appreciate it more having had it taken away.
  • I'm sure I will have a great deal of trouble stopping to smell the roses... though I agree with it in spirit. But I love gardening and especially planting in the community gardens. Not sure how far along the skill lines you had to be in order to do that... but I wouldn't want to waste too much time getting there.
  • i cant wait to get huge piles of meat, bubbles, spice and milk. i used to just hoard them. always useful!
  • It's been so long, I think I'd feel intimidated at having to pick up where I left off. I'm definitely one of those thankful for the fresh start :D
  • Before the end, got rid of all items, emptied the house and tried to unlearn all skills. Almost made it back to the starting state. Looking forward to starting from scratch.
  • the first day of my fresh start will be one of the best days ever. with my first step in ur mrw universe will be set right, back on course and all will be good again. curled up on the couch with my honey, my puppy and elevengiants. some people want diamonds and gold and everything, i just want to go home.

    Some people want it all
    But I don't want nothing at all
    If it ain't got Ur baby
    If I ain't got Ur baby
    Some people want diamond rings
    Some just want everything
    But everything means nothing
    If I ain't got Ur - (sung to the tune of alicia keys hit single "if i aint got you")

    - We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little venture capitalists. Wicked, tricksy, false!
  • Really looking forward to a "clean slate", I honestly can't remember the little details from when I first joined, I can't wait to learn it all again. I was so happy when a friend told me I could be walking the streets of Ur again!
  • @twomoredays - Wow....I haven't played Kingdom of Loathing in *ages*!! Thanks for the memory!!
  • I am so excited for the clean slate!
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