Forgotten Streets and Extreme Rook Attacks

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Tried to put all of my ideas into one post, but it was too long and the forums didn't like it.

This one is based partially off of one of Keita's Quick Ideas. To put it simply, it's a more dangerous Rook attack. A rare variety, which causes the Street it occurs on to be forgotten. That, or it could be a consequence of failing to defeat the Rook in time or something. A forgotten street has the Rook all over it, and the street looks like this:


Yes, yes, I know that nine is not a prime number. That should just go to show how massively screwed up this street is. This set of triangles is important, because it's the key factor of battling the Rook. Here's how it works.


The people in red are the ones who make the Shrine show up in the first place. This street is in a bad spot, and even the Shrine is gone, so three people need to imagine it back and keep it there while the fight goes on.

The people in pink are the primers. They prime the Shrine to prepare it for battle. As soon as the first shot is fired, the Rook becomes aware of their presence and starts to attack.

The people in blue are the defense. When the Rook lands an attack, they can take some of the damage instead of the primers and imaginers. It should be noted that primers and imaginers do still get damaged. Defense people should likely carry a good amount of food.

Anyone who isn't on one of the platforms is a donator. They donate to the shrine and give it the ammunition to fight the Rook.

But it gets a little complicated sometimes. The Rook has a few special attacks in this kind of situation. Namely, where it attempts to take out the Shrine. The Rook will fly down and start flapping over the Shrine. It will flap a few times, rising into the air slightly, then let out a screech as soon as it's about to drive down and hit it. If it is successful, imaginers will take a lot of damage that is not weakened by the defense, and primers will have their concentration broken. Obviously, this attack should be prevented.

The method of doing this is a skill of the Primers. They have to all press and hold the up arrow key at the same time. This puts the Shrine into a special mode in which it ceases to automatically fire. This mode can only be held for a maximum of five seconds, so just holding it down until the Rook goes to try to attack the shrine is not an option. At this point, donators should dump items into the Shrine. When all three Primers have let the arrow key go, the Shrine will release a strong blast, that, if it hits the Rook while the Rook is directly above the Shrine and preparing to attack, will deal massive damage. However, if even one Primer has let the arrow key go, the Shrine is locked to donations. Try to coordinate!

After a victory over the Rook, bonuses are given to the players that contributed. However, the street then changes a bit...


At this point, it's time to remember the street. The Giant still doesn't remember it, of course, but the Glitchen do. And they can use their collective memories to jog that of the Giant..

Glitchen will have to stand on all of the platforms. Some may have conditions, such as Animal Kinship knowledge, or something. After all, different streets look different to different people, and that's important.

Once the platforms are filled... or maybe at least a significant portion, the Giant will be reminded, and the street will reappear.

Possible tie-in to the Street Upgrade idea (posted by someone else): A forgotten street returns to its baseline upon remembrance.


  • Just noticed and fixed a broken image.
  • That's a very nice idea. Rook attacks were in a weird spot where some people found them too trivial though others, and I suppose TS, didn't want it to be more "violent" than flashing red screens.

    The details of your fighting seems a bit too mechanically heavy for the game. Perhaps the Primers' jobs could be more like channeling something like meditation. As well, positioning in your diagram seems too depth heavy, perhaps move things around to be a more linear position.

    I like the concept behind forgetting and remembering a street. Perhaps something like this, or a more complex Rook attack, could be implemented if there's interest for it one day.
  • Eh, the layout was only necessary to explain the battle structure. It doesn't need to work exactly like that.
  • Maybe you should do the same numbers as ratios for the triangles? Glitch isn't really about individual player effort it's more of "Yay, 400 of us did this all together!" kind of vibe. I like the specialized spots, but rook attacks were a sudden call for a giant group of people to swarm and work together, and it was fun, even if there were no real consequences.
  • Yeah, I figured it would become large-scale eventually, but when it's just introduced, I think it should start a bit small just for players to get a bit accustomed to it.
  • A more dangerous rook attack with bigger consequence makes me get excited! Rook fighting is in our blood! The first time I saw the history of glitch vs rook in the museum I understood. Beta rook fighting is what glitch do!. The tension of not knowing when they would strike was part of the thrill. Fighting them was fragmented, stressful and disorganized but that also made it so much fun. Half the awesomeness was when the rook alert group made the emergency call to fight! Rook attack location would hit the chat screen and glitchen would drop everything and scramble to save the poor defenseless piggies and butterflies. So while I don't know what specific mechanics will work, keep working on it. and when the time comes I'll be ready to fight!

  • Also, less complexity is better when it comes to massive group mmo collaboration, especially in casual games like glitch.
  • Yeah much like Street construction---I think they originally figured street construction would take a week or so at a time, and like, maybe 20 glitch would show up...

    Nope. 50-60 of us would show up, stuffed to the gills with food and bricks and more food for energy so we can work and have a street up in less than 15 minutes every single time. Then we would perform Teleportation conga lines when more than one street was opening in each area. I donated entire stacks of cherries to people who were out, and entire stacks of beans, and entire stacks of bubbles and someone gave me a basic tool when all I had was the super tools.

    So yeah, anything that can be extremely disorganized while allowing 20-30 glitchen all work on it at once, without too much direction or need for coordinating with one another. It'll go off when there's enough donations. It'll fire when there's enough energy given--is a great system because some people will donate 100, some people will donate 10, some people will only have 3--and that's okay. It's a group effort, so you help how you can.

    So Rook attacks need to stay like that--they can be more intense, or they can require more items or have more dangerous consequences--but you can't really require people to work together or be too specific.
  • Eh, I never actually participated in any Rook Attacks, so I don't really know how they went. I wasn't sure if they were an orderly thing or just something that happened, so I decided to stick with orderly because it would be easy to simplify to a state of less order if that turned out to be an issue.
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