Keita's Quick Ideas

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Hey, are there any plans to possibly implement some of Keita's Quick Ideas into Eleven? I rather liked his idea for that balloon minigame, and the Feat Island. The idea with the Giants occasionally forgetting a street, causing the players to have to travel there to jog their memory, is also an interesting one.


  • There is a similar idea for requiring players to visit streets that is currently active on some streets in Alpha. It's where the vendors get lonely, and start to cry if they haven't been visited in a while. They then disappear from the street. It's happening mostly in the bogs area right now, and it seems like the vendors are saying something through the tears, but I don't seem to have audio on it yet in game. I feel so bad seeing them crying that I try to click on them as soon as possible so they don't go poof. I don't remember this from Glitch, or maybe it was there, but the streets were so regularly visited that we didn't really notice it happening.
  • The loneliness stuff wasn't enabled at all in Glitch. I think it's even unfinished...although nearly complete. I have read the dialogue the spirits have, so there is no audio missing, just the mechanism for the popups to tell the story.

    As for other features, who knows! It will be easier to think about adding features like that once we have a functioning back end. :)
  • Ah, thanks @ladyceres !! I actually have a super high whiny voice in my head when I see their mouths moving and the tears streaming...will be interesting to see if the real dialogue (even if it is written) is close to what I have playing in my head when I see them...
  • @ladyceres Will said feature be disabled until the playerbase is large enough to sustain it?
  • We'd need to complete it, first. It would very likely end up waiting until there was a large player base. I am positive I heard that TS held it back because of concerns about its implementation, so we wouldn't want to release it (at all, possibly) if it was going to have a negative effect on the player experience.
  • I remember having a positive experience in finding old streets, with quoins that got up into the thousands. This was in the ancestral areas. How will vendors there stay alive at all when people can only go there for a limited amount of time?
  • This was at the height of Glitch.
  • I don't remember Street Spirits ever really being in the Ancestral Lands.
  • The only time street spirits were in the ancestral lands was in original beta when we were still unlocking streets via the vendors. They were needed for street projects, but once the street was opened, they poofed away from that area.

    But understand the point about crying/poofing vendors at distant parts of Ur even with a full will be a challenge to keep them in play...however, it might be motivation for some folks to visit remote parts of Ur to keep them alive. Seems like there were groups for everything in Glitch, and I'm sure there would be a street vendor refresh group that would take it upon themselves to ensure they thrived.
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