I found something interesting in Wardrobe/Vanity...

So, I was just messing around with Wardrobe/Vanity to try to tide myself over. Glitch Withdrawal and stuff, you know? So, I eventually came up with an outfit, and went to save it.

(The hair cuts off at the back on account of the hat for some reason, but that's not the purpose of this post.)

But when I got the save code, I noticed something... it has a lot of information. Like, a lot. Way more than would be necessary for the sole purpose of telling the system which items to grab. It had color information and everything. So, I, naturally, tried making a few tweaks, and came up with an outfit that I rather like.


I was surprised to learn how much the system accounted for! Despite the vest and bow tie set being part of just one costume, it could allow different colors between the both of them without messing up the shirt portion of the set!

So, I can't help but wonder... is there any possibility that this will be a feature?


  • Yay for tinkering!
  • Yep, it is definitely a possibility to add color sliders to the wardrobe so you can match outfits better. We spotted that too, and were naturally excited about the possibilities!
  • That is really cool and glad to see the devs are excited about the possibilities too!
    (but seriously, could you point me in the direction of where/how one might find this bit of information in order to have more glorious hats, @seeen?)
  • Well, basically, the code contains "color_1" and "color_2" stuff, along with a hexidecimal code and information like brightness and tint and such. You can change the hexidecimal codes to change the colors, though it's a bit of a nuisance to find which color goes to which part of the costume object.
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    Every month when I got my credits, I would swear that this was the month I made a Dr. Zoidberg outfit. And every month, I would take a good long look at the red Cthulu mask and decide it was too creepy and looked nothing at all like Dr. Z anyway. @seeen, your discovery has completely rocked my world because now I can do this : https://www.dropbox.com/s/sfbif2kyu28vigv/zoid2.png?dl=0
    (The colors are still a little off because I'm flying blind in this crazy new world of hexidecimal color codes, but you get the idea)

    (edited because yaay Seeen) Take 2:https://www.dropbox.com/s/98wribgjtko2nl1/dr zoidberg.png?dl=0
  • Bex, try this for the color: F9895D
  • @bexley oh man Futurama is my favorite thing ever. <3
  • this is so sweet! and just when i thought wardrobe couldn't get anymore fun :)
  • Wow that is awesome! More colour variety is always good :)
  • Okay, so if I wanted to try this, I assume I'm looking at this part of the code:

    I have tride changing "tintcolour" but my code isn't loading. Am I doing something obvious wrong?
    Where is a good place to look up hexadecimal colours that also gives brightness, sat, contrast? I'm not sure what tint amount and alpha are though.
  • @"Scarlett Bearsdale" Hexadecimal codes include brightness/saturation/contrast by default—the specific labels for them are a redundancy. Tint amount just specifies how much it will apply the color to the object, and alpha is transparency. I'm not sure what you mean by your code not loading, but if it's that the color isn't changing, you probably need to change the Alpha, and if it's that it just has an error, make sure you only used the characters A-F and numbers 0-9 for the code.

    You also need to be very, very exact with it. If it says "tintcolour", it won't work. If it says "TintColour", it won't work. If it says "tint_color", it won't work. You also have to copy the entire code, completely unchanged in format.
  • Thanks seeen - I was just changing the value between the " " and nothing else. :( I will keep at it!
  • If there's still an issue, PM me your entire code and I can look for the issue.
  • Can anyone help me? I've been trying to save my Glitchen's outfit and it won't let me. I've copied and pasted the code several times. Help?
  • I am such a doofus. Not sure how I did this, but when I was searching for the Eleven game site, what I found first was the Welcome page for the Alpha site that has a link to the forums (here). I thought that was it. I didn't know what you guys were talking about with the wardrobe. I figured it was an alpha tester thing. Then I had to reinstall Firefox (long boring story) and lost all my bookmarks. So I searched again for Eleven and got the Elevengiants.com site. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! I'd forgotten how fun it was trying on outfits. The wardrobe and vanity worked for me! And I saved the code (lotsa code) and got it to recreate my glitchen again! Wow. And now color fiddling! Boy ho boy.
  • I love wardrobe beyond reason. I love to to make outfits and take screen shots of combos I didn't try in glitch! Actually today I'm wearing a pink bunny hat together with the light blue military jacket over pink bunny pants worn under a hot pink my little bunny skirt and blue bunny slippers. I wear this in homage to thatwascally wabbit - bugs bunny! happy 75th birthday!
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