Hi glitchen!

So, it's been a while since I've had anything to do with Glitch. I was super angry after the game closed, and I just couldn't bring myself to dare to hope that anything might actually happen with it. But, a few years later, I still find myself missing it from time to time, and just wanting to go back.

So I checked out what was going on, and I saw some of the official preview vids and what not, and it's like going back in time. Is it weird to say I feel homesick for a game? It's that same kind of feeling.

Anyway, I don't know if many of you remember me from the old glitch days - those heady times of illegal backyard splank fights, ridiculous teleportation money-making schemes, or poems about spinach, but I do, and one day I hope to bring that same level of irreverence and entrepreneurial spirit back to Gli--er, Eleven!


  • It might be weird, but I totally feel homesick for it too! Here's to the hoping and waiting for Eleven! ::mixes a slow gin fizz::
  • Hey, welcome back! Good to have you here! Can't say I knew you, honestly. I don't remember a lot of the people I knew, which makes me kind of sad.
  • i remember the rook :) i went back and looked at my friends page. holy mackerel. tons of people, and i have no clue who most of them were. honestly, i got a bit overwhelmed at one point and created an alt where i didn't make friends with anyone.

    it was super mature of me.
  • I find myself (there you are!) sitting at a computer unable to think of a website to go to (this could be at home or a slow day at work) and realize the site I really wanted to go to all along, Glitch, is no longer there. Then I continue sitting until I force myself (which requires a sometimes unachievable amount of effort) to move on to some responsibility i had been avoiding. Good news everybody, now I can just hop on the Eleven Giants forum and continue to avoid life's necessities (not including eating, sleeping, showering, and socializing . . . I'm not a hermit). (BTW, Sorry for all the supplemental material in parentheses).
  • xevxev
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    RIGHT? that was part of my conflict when glitch ended. i was like, 'well, i guess i'll follow my dreams now. f&*%.'
  • gently massages hands
    man glitch made me SAD. i got a month into the darned thing and it completely captured my heart, as these kinds of things do. so the announcement it was closing was crushing, particularly paired with the fact that it was almost a belated birthday gift. surprise, your new favorite mmo is waking up! have some cheese with that whine!
    and i kind of fell into a rejection i guess? i joined a few community groups but i effectively ignored them because they made me too darned sad. but now, with children of ur and imagine a world and eleven especially, i feel real hope. maybe i can do this too someday!
  • Hi, xev! :)
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