Glitch/Eleven items in Real Life

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Was checking out some stuff on the IKEA Furniture site, and noticed they had SDB's (storage display boxes)...sweet sweetness!


What other things have you found in real life that look like something unique from Glitch/Eleven?


  • Eh, I wouldn't call Storage Display Boxes unique to Glitch/Eleven. However, I do remember that there were a few people before Glitch went defunct that made their own cubimals. Some of them might have even been functional!
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    Fair enough...just hadn't seen them at Ikea...also know that many others have seen unique things from Glitch in wanted to provide a place for them to post them...I seem to remember pictures of purple, yeti beds and other interesting things from the old Glitch forums. Just didn't want to encourage folks to post a bazillion pictures of apples, oranges, bananas, chickens, know, the more common things in Glitch...though if they have a great fruit basket or an interesting picture of someone squeezing a chicken...well, that'd be pretty cool...
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