Area title?

Are we going to keep calling this here world of ours Ur? Even if it somehow is made to be different? Is it "New Ur", as some refer to it? If the devs have come up with an official name please let me know, but it would be cool if the devs made a naming contest on the forums.. a quick program along the lines of add vote to variable and name to list to prevent repeats. It would be really cool! Also if there is no official you guys come up with a name! Let's get our craftybots working!


  • I've always found it weird that our whole gaming world was called Ur, which is really a historical city in South East Iraq. I mean, if Ur was a region, okay, cool...but it being a city seems so limiting to our gaming world. I have found it cute when people refer to the world as Urth, that's a bit quirky and cute, IMO.
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    Well, Ur can also be a prefix (ur-) that means primitive, basic, and original. Because this world being made is not the original one, maybe a new name is in order!

    Perhaps something based off of a prefix for new, such as "neo-" or "nov-"?
  • A region in Glitch/Eleven is Uralia, was always puzzled why the whole world was referred to as Ur though, but no idea what else we could of called it
  • There's absolutely no need to change any names. The only one we can't use is Glitch as a brand name. We can keep Glitch in the game itself as the name of our species, and we can still call our world Ur.
  • I will always be a Glichen Living in UR!!
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