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I posted this in another topic, and there seemed to be some interest, so I'm giving it its own thread.

There's an online Cards Against Humanity clone (https://www.decksagainstsociety.com), and it seemed like a good idea to get a game night going -- you know, until Eleven opens its doors.

Game Night can be nightly or weekly or whenever -- hell, it can even be "Game Day". Whatever works for everyone. We can even have multiple games going at once, and we can use this thread to coordinate.

Some thoughts:

It'll probably be easier to name the rooms after Glitch or Glitch-related things and have a universal password for all of them so we can just jump into each other's games as we find them. I was thinking "cubimalrace" since it's easy to remember but hard to randomly guess.

On a personal note, I don't really sleep, so I'm usually up for a game whenever. But maybe we can set a time for games so we know when to show up?

Anyway, how does this sound? I'm not good at coordinating things, so any input would be appreciated.


  • Yes this sounds great! :D We should also decide on what CaH expansion packs to use ahead of time so people will know the references...def core versions and expansions, but thoughts on using other ones?
  • I was thinking that it would be wise to stay away from fandoms altogether. Maybe the other extremely specific ones, too. But there's so many expansions that it really shouldn't be a problem.
  • I'll play weekends mainly. I'm a 3rd-shifter currently so I won't probably be around much of a weekday.

    Speaking as a nerd with non-pop-culture-based nerditudinosities, I agree, fandoms would be super-tricky... I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't really fit into a traditional fandom or know enough about any of 'em to be of much use.
  • Hey, if anyone's around, I can fire up a game after dinner (like, thirty or so minutes from now). Just let me know.
  • I could be in for that...
  • Ok, I'll set up a game. We'll need at least one more player, though.
  • I don't see any options for servers though.
  • Yeah, I didn't see any, either. Oh well, just type "Glitch" in the search bar at the top whenever you enter the game lobby.
  • Hmm, not seeing it.
  • The search bar or the room?
  • The room. Search is working for other terms, but glitch returns nothing.
  • Weird. Maybe because there's a password? I have no idea.
  • Nope, I can see other passworded games. Maybe there are servers and its just assigning us to them automatically by region. :P
  • Well, that's a sucky thing for them to do!
  • I agree. Out of curiousity, can you see 'TippyTumbles's' game?
  • No. Well, what the hell. This blows.
  • Yep, we're apparently on entirely different servers.
  • GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! I found a different clone. I haven't tried it out yet, though. But we can do that now!

  • I'd definitely be up for playing sometime! I tried joining, but I think I missed everyone...
  • Yes! @Trentskunk and I tested it out earlier. Maybe we can all set a game time for tomorrow evening.
  • Ooh, yes please! I'm up for a game anytime.
  • How does tonight sound for everyone? Throw out some times, too!
  • Anybody want to play in, say, thirty minutes or so?
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    I'm up for a game almost anytime today, I think. (Wish we could coordinate time zones better, somehow...)
  • I would like to join a game sometime. I will try to bring kat65 in with me if she is available next time we have one going! :)
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    All right. I'll pop into the Glitch game room for the next few hours. Hopefully someone (or a bunch of someones) will come along and join me. :) If not, no harm done or anything. I just thought I'd make things, you know, available.

    Edit: And I'm no longer bumming around in the game room. Perhaps I am not in the right time zone to join in with the fun. Boo.
  • Hey! We can get a game going this afternoon/evening. It's best to have at least three people playing.
  • Its 12:58 right now for me (CST)...i'd be down for a game after 6 pm. Is there a chat room for this?
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    @r0gu3 There is. Last night, we tested out the site in the original post. However, it was pretty buggy. There's a different site that won't let us choose servers, but we can link to individual games somehow.

    I'll do some experimenting with the latter tonight and try to post the link here. Is 7:30 EST good?
  • Sounds good!
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