The Qube

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So, in theory, this is the Rube's blue sibling(make up a glitchy title like spraffle or something, as in I don't want brother or sister) named the Qube and he would also visit like the Rube. However, the Qube upon visiting you will ask you riddles/trivia, and will give you certain things for getting them right. In the open world you could do a gameshow-like thing such as asking a stranger walking by. If you get them all right, he teleports you to a game show place and does an even harder round that is timed, and must be answered quickly. If you get all of this he gives you a blue kazoo. Playing it will cause the glitch song(Update: Or gameshow song) to play and afterwards you start spouting facts. Update: Also, do you think the trivia should be glitch stuff or real life stuff? Should it be classic riddles or new ones? How hard should it be? Should there be a choice in the difficulty, and with corresponding rewards? Let me know!


  • Sounds like fun!
  • This is a cool idea! :)
  • Lol I like this too! But I have concerns. Will it be glitch trivia or real life stuff? And what about the "sprouting" of facts. Is this figurative or literal?
  • Thinking now probably glitch trivia and glitch themed riddles. I've added to let me know about real or glitch at the end of it. Also it says "spouting" not "sprouting" (it happens to the best of us) but a cool thing would be to be asked to spell spouting and if you said sprouting little trees would grow on you, and you could do something else with them... you guys come up with something.
  • Unless you meant sprouting unto which I don't get it.
  • Lol. I didn't mean sprouting but it's a fun visual too.
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    Could have a few slightly tricky questions. Such as, "Who was the original creator of Glitch?" While "Stewart Butterfield" and "stoot barfield" are both choices, only the one that applies to the Glitch world itself is correct. So you choose "stoot barfield".
  • This is a neat idea!! Maybe the Qube could remember how many you get right consecutively, and if you get more right in a row, the items could get rarer. Not the items themselves, but just that not many people can get that many right in a row, making the prize item rare. This could add more rare items to the game and more people wanting to find the Qube!
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