The Rube

What did you guys think about The Rube? Too few visits, too often? Should he be able to rip you off? Should the rube potion exist? Discuss!


  • i think everyone should just band together and smash up the rube tbh
  • he has very bad trades!
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    Nah, Rube's cool. Him, Trisor and Uncle Friendly are my homies.
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    I always kind of liked the Rube (except when he showed up when I was evading jujus).
  • The Rube gave me a Rube Cubimal the first day after reset that I had till the game closed... I've got some warm feelings about the Rube :)
  • I assigned "The Rube Song" as a ringtone to my wife and it's a happy marriage. Guess I have some fond memories of the Rube.
  • I feel like the Rube added a nice unexpected element that was sometimes a challenge to partake in.  Most of the time, I didn't feel like searching or waiting for him, so when he didn't appear too often.  It felt just right to me.  Any more frequently, and it would have been annoying.  I felt the quality of trades were pretty random, which was part of the fun.
  • The Rube always gave me a giggle, I loved seeing him. I think he showed up at an appropriate rate :)
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    Not too many not too few. It was always a nice surprise to hear the little tune. But having the potion would allow for some fun (snaps); captures of The Rube outside of the usual street setting.^-^* 

    Think trades were purposely less varied or repetitive... So that once in a blue moon, an extremely rare item popping up would be a thrill. 😄 Like a Ludwig Wittgenstein doll. ♥️☺️

  • I'm a Rube fan. The day the game went to wide release I was in my favorite street (Siuruan Untold) when he appeared, traded me a cubimal box for a bean, then disappeared. When I opened the box, it was a Rube cubimal :) I get sort of excited still when I hear the music and I always end up making a trade, even if it's kind of a lateral move.
  • I love the Rube. Wholeheartedly. Maybe my favorite part of Glitch! The tummy-leap I'd get when I would hear the music, and no matter what he brought for trade, I loved every interaction with him so much.
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    I loved The Rube. And in an odd turn of events, the clinic where I now work (for the last 1.5 years) is called Rube Walker (he played for the Cubs) and referred to as the Rube. It always makes me smile and giggle to myself a little. 

    I should mention that I love my job so the correlation is a fond one. 
  • after the original game closed, i got several sound effects on my phone which i have kept ever since and across phones. my text notification is a qurazy quoin, my voicemail notification is a piggy plop, and my ringtone is...THE RUBE! tbh i always thought he was kind of a creep and his deals were never great for me, however i still love him for the weirdo he is, and i always agree to a trade because it seems to make him happy. his tune for my ringtone works out because i hate getting phonecalls and always feel somewhat disproportionately annoyed/creeped when someone calls me lol. i also had an acquaintance whose nickname became "the rube" back then too, lol.
  • I would jump up and down when I heard the Rube song. I've got ringtones and notification sounds from Glitch!!
  • Fond memories of the Rube ... even the annoying visits where the trades weren't good.
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