Developer contribution

To the Eleven team, I am a software developer and fellow glitchen and I was wondering how I can get involved with developing Eleven. I have been looking over Glitches source code and am starting to get a feel for it. ActionScript is no problem for me. If anyone on the team is free I would like to discuss some details about the technologies and libraries being used for Eleven to see what I can help out with.


  • I finally found the github page for Eleven and have started reviewing it and looking over the contributing guidelines. I am already familiar with slack and trello (I actually use both of these for my project team, futhurmore my avatar is my glitch character...)

    PS. Sorry for spaming you all, I am just extremely excited about this project, there has always been a special place in my heart for glitch.
  • Don't worry about spamming, we're always happy to hear from prospective team mates.

    The quickest way to get involved would be to e-mail slack at with just a quick overview of your skillset, and then I can get you hooked up with everything else you need.
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