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Hello Steamers! I was thinking of starting a steam group called The Eleven Project. If you have steam and are willing to join feel free. I will create this group in 5 days (Sunday, April 11 (33 days on the Glitch Calendar, The 28th of Widdershins)). If there are any ideas, comments, criticism and for devs nay saying about this Group feel free to put them in the comments below. :)

Attention Devs: You have full right to shut down, take over, or say nay to this idea. If you have a steam account and want to join this group message me (through the message system on this site) and I will try to give ownership of this group to you.

(The page is in Spanish I don't know why but it is from steam not the me)


  • There are already a couple groups in Steam for Glitch players. If you create one for Eleven, be sure to post in those groups so former Glitch will know and be able to join your new group. I've not logged into Steam in a long time, so don't remember the exact names of the groups. But I should be findable on Steam as b3achy and you can check to see the names of the two groups since I joined both of them. (there could be more, but those were the two I found)
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    Thanks @b3achy, I'll be sure to do that.

    Edit: @b3achy it seems you profile is private, but I'll still look for some. Thanks again!
  • @Arkrider...Oh, carp...sorry about that. Let me see if I can get on there in the next day or so and let you know what they are. I seem to remember searching groups for Glitch, Ur, Glitchen, and probably a half dozen other things. I want to say one is a "Children of Ur" group and the other had Glitch or Glitchen in it.
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    I found one called "Glitch- Gamers of giant imagination" so that's probably the second one.

    Edit: I found one called children of UR.
  • @Arkrider - I think you got them!
  • @Arkrider Looking forward to joining! I had lost my portable drive with Steam games and was ignoring Steam for a while, but this makes it worth starting it up again and downloading things.
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