For the last few days, when I go to I just get blank white pages. Any idea what's up with that? :(


  • It's been down for at least a week. :(
  • Yeah I've been having the same problem.
  • Wonder if it is related to Slack being hacked so they took them down for now, or if they have just been so busy with dealing with that incident that they've not had time to get the servers back up if they crashed.
  • I'm thinking it's related to Slack being hacked as well. I'm sure that's top priority.
  • @Doolittle - yea, the timing of the site being down with their public announcement of being hacked seemed awfully coincidental if they weren't related.
  • I think that if they took it down on purpose there would have been an announcement. I agree it is probably related to the Hack. I hope that they bring it back. I use the site every day.
  • Jade posted in the GlitchForever Slack that the site will be back up. They're working on a few tweaks before putting it back into service. Maybe all the broken things will be fixed when it returns!
  • @SlackHQ Great! While you're in there, if you accidentally threw the game server back up, I wouldn't tell anyone!

    — Mutual Designs (@MutualDesigns) April 3, 2015
  • is back up now. Player search still broken.
  • Will the player search ever find its player.
  • I'm glad it's back up! I like to go to the Downloads page from time to time and wistfully listen to some of the music themes, in memory of what once was... and what soon may be again.
  • You can put this into Google to find your avatar:

    intitle:"Player Name" inurl:profiles
  • thank you arkrider. I finally was able to save an image of my avatar!!
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    Thanks @Arkrider! That helps a lot.

    And I realized if I used this: intitle:"Player Name" inurl:locations - I'd not only get my homestreet which we can easily access from our profiles, but I'd also get the link to my tower, which I've not seen a way to search/access easily (thought there used to be a link on our homestreet pages, but that seems to have disappeared).
  • Player Search function now working.
  • Still no love for "snaps taken in X location"...I will live in hope that it returns one day.
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    @ladyceres - bummer, and the URL trick doesn't even work...the snaps in a location is badly busted. Maybe it will come back in a few days like the player search was delayed in working. Fingers crossed.

    ETA: Also, the details of various items isn't working either.
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