It's one of those nights....

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I know you have all had them. One of those nights... when nothing in the world would satisfy except Glitch. A night when nothing on tv seems interesting, browsing the net doesn't fill the void, reading a favored book even can't hold you. The only thing that will fill the nitch and make you feel fully satisfied is going inworld, in Glitch world. Whether it be to bang rocks or race cubies, make awesome stew or scrape jellisac, but always, always stalk chat. It was a night when you just needed to occupy your time with pleasant activity, feeling connected in a satisfying way with humanity. Yes... it's one of those nights for me..... and glitch isn't ready for me yet.

What are the triggers for your " one of those nights?"


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    Looking at my old profile and seeing little Artemis, animals, rocks, and trants knowing their out alone in the cold dark world alone and defenseless is what triggers me. This may seem weird but she very much became a part of my mind. "Don't let her energy go down, Don't let her mood go down, get her cooking skills up." It's weird how these glitchy creatures become a part of us and then we sorta become these creatures. It's kind of like when glitch closed all our hearts were split and our virtual self's were left behind. We're all yearning for the day when the game is fully recreated and put together (which I honestly believe is completely possible because the eleven crew is brilliant) and our hearts can be whole again.
  • When real world people are rude or particularly frustrating and you just want to be somewhere nice and hug things. :-)
  • Yes, what Spicypup said. That's when I need to talk to my butler and watch her arm fall off, and pet my piggies (I worry about my piggies!) and talk to the mad bubble trees! :-)
  • mix one part insomnia, one part aches and pains, two parts left over crap from the day, sprinkle lightly with some hot flashes, design deadlines and some "what's it gonna take to get thru tomorrow" then shake, mix and stir for a perfect storm of WHERE IS GLITCH WHEN I NEED IT!
  • Oh, man, I totally know about this. For me it's all of the above, and when I just feel like my own life is less than manageable. I crave the routines that Glitch gave me, peppered with the occasional interaction and the occasional bit of wonderment.
  • coolbetty........ Woot girlfriend, I totally understand! Amen's and High Fives............. Glitch was better than Calgon...
  • All of the time. For a few months, I did forget about Glitch. I was finally independent of it, but... one day, I was humming a tune unconsciously. I didn't know I was doing it, but eventually I noticed that I was humming the Groddle Theme.

    It hit me again. Memories of Glitch and all of the friendly Glitchen. The game that many described as absolutely preposterous, others agreeing wholeheartedly, yet others still saying that they kind of liked it. I felt crushed. I didn't think that remembering a game that I hadn't played in two years would have an effect on me that felt physical, but what would you know, it did.
  • I got one of those when my friend showed me eleven, that they were bringing back glitch in its entirety, no more fumbling in broken CoUr. I couldn't sleep that night and at school the next day I drew one of the streets in Groddle Meadow (while my professor was talking) without even knowing the second I got off the bus I made an account and then here we all are in line for maybe the best browser-based MMO ever created. Keep going Eleven team we're all counting on you.
  • Gawd I lobe you guys! I feel Everything all of you are saying.
  • Hurry please.... I so very much need my thoughtless mining and silly distractions right now..
  • Nothing! Nothing works tonight. I don't want to chat on skype, I don't want to play a mindless facebook game, wandering the worlds of minecraft don't satisfy me, eve reading my favorite books leave me restless, Nothing on tv can hold my attention and I can't sleep. Again, this is the moment I want to go and just bang rocks, plant herbs, chat with the trees and leave gifts for my friends anonymously. My gawd, I even want to hear the satisfying squishy sound of scooping jellisac! Please, please hurry......... I need my Ur world back so badly.
  • Missy, hang in there.

    We've all been in withdrawal for years, but we can make it.
  • Thank you Seeen, you made me smile. Please look me up when we all get back inworld.
  • Right now I don't have those nights because I have a 4 month old baby, but I sure had those nights and days when I was home for five months while pregnant. I so would have enjoyed spending that time in Glitch world.
  • Awe................... congratulations!
  • Congratulations on the baby Glitchen I mean human child.

    This is one of those nights.
  • I'm having one of those weeks... I keep trying out different video games thinking maybe this one with scratch the itch... but they're not glitch.

    I really hope that Eleven comes to be, but it's hard to believe most days.
  • Other online worlds can be so cruel... I'm missing the beauty of the community of Glitchen, so caring and forgiving. Can I come home now?
  • When I am particularly sad, Glitch was just the cure, and could always make me smile and forget my sadness for a while. it's one of those nights.... I miss you guys.
  • We are all still here for you. We will all be home soon. :-)
  • tonight was one of those nights...i had to drive around town to get rid of it.
  • Thank you Cass. :) I'm sorry Coelpts, I totally get that.
  • I'm on medical leave for a few weeks. Last time I was off, Glitch made me feel better and I played it day and night. I wish I had Glitch to play now.
  • Hope you are better soon, perhaps thinking of all the stuff you will have to do when we are all back will help? The Glitch website still has the Encyclopedia to look at and plan housing and decorations and get ready for tincturing and achievements. Best wishes for your recovery. :-)
  • Thanks Cassandria. I'm doing okay, just really really bored.
  • Get better soon Grackle.
    the Phoenix will rise again!
    umm I mean Ur will rise again
  • Awe.... we all have one of those nights. :) Hugs all around. I'm having one now, just needing sweet friendly faces and rocks to bang.
  • Sending Hugs, HighFives and Garlic Kisses, @"Lill Missy" rocks ready and waiting some time soon I am sure! :-)
  • When I play a game where players compete for resources, murder each other, work together to murder something and I wish I were working together mining with new friends in ajaya bliss.
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