Day/Night Cycle?

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Hey everyone I was thinking of a night/day cycle (I know the devs are already up to there heads in programming I just thought for a later date)that you might get like night or day only things from street spirits or various shrines might increase giant favor or something like that. What do you guys think?


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    Certainly a cool idea! I'd love to see that added at some point : ) Perhaps the ratio of day to night (Two real hours of a glitch day of 'day' and two of 'night' versus 2.5 and 1.5 etc.) changes with the time of Glitch year. Then we'd have some superficial idea of the seasons on Ur! Or perhaps that's too Earthly and not quite Urthly ; )
  • I was thinking , what if it's tied to the calendar? So that it turns to night a few times a year: probably for Friendly"s Holiday?
  • Days are 4 hours long as it is, id be more in favor of certain streets being night or other seasons , or certain holidays but not actual day/night cycles due to the days being short
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    @LizaThrottlebottom that's exactly what I was thinking.
  • Thinking of recent events here in the UK, we could have eclipses perhaps? They could be anytime as not tied to calendar, and might be total in some areas and partial in others, with varying effects and benefits/drawbacks.
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    Another thing that might be cool is weather like lightning or some variation of a tornado.
  • Yeah weather would be amazing. It would also be cool if there were like lightning holes and you could get certain items like a lightning rod or something in them.
  • I think it'd be neat if every so often you were on a street and you got sucked up by a freak tornado that sent your TP skill all out of whack. "Uh oh. Looks like your up quarks got mixed in with your down quarks in that storm, teleportation will have to wait a few minutes while this gets sorted out!" Leaving you unable to TP or /home for 1-30 minutes based on the strength of the storm (Probably a random dice roll weighted around 7.5 minutes) it would help Ur stay populated, and there could be a Storm Chaser group dedicated to trying to find the freak twisters ; ) And there could be badges for being caught in so many storms etc.
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    Recently Children Of Ur came out with a big update, and in the update came a Day/Night cycle. I haven't played COU recently nor have I really kept up with its progress, but I thought it was interesting and maybe we could take a look at it and see if it's kind of what we were talking about in this discussion and if it works as well as we thought.
    [Not sure though, I haven't logged in since they changed the log in stuff haha]
  • I'm not sure, mostly because there's some regions that are always in night as wel.
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    Im not in favor of it, having it change so often would get on my nerves. And as already stated some areas are night already. We are supposed to be in a Dream it does not have to be realistic. Plus the days are only 4 hours long too. I'd prefer various streets being night or day or having weather or other effects but not a day and night cycle. And if its not switching every 2 hours, then wed have in game weeks, that were all day or all night, which does not work at all imo
  • I agree with Lyrical Dejavu, I think it would be more of an inconvenience that would get on our nerves more than it would make us happy. I think the tornado idea is great, and I think that that idea could be a lot of fun, but I think that it should be how it was where it was night in some areas all the time and day in others with no other storms or rain. I think that we could possibly have areas in the map where there's continuous thunderstorms for special items like it was mentioned before, an area for night time, etc etc, but I don't think that it should change to night and change to day every so often, limiting what we can do during the day to where we only want to get on at certain times. For example, if some things that we liked to do weren't available at night, it would make the audience smaller because less people would be on around that time and more would be crowded into the other time... Just some thoughts.
  • I do think weather effects or nighttime, tornados, rain, snow, tumbleweeds, lava, etc etc etc on various streets is a good idea. But for the reasons I stated, plus what Sutton did above, I dont think an actual day / night cycle is a good idea. Constantly shifting from night to day would be annoying to me, and if its always night when you want to do things it infringes on gameplay, i dont see many people who would want to only play in the dark. Overall I just dont find it necessary and the game is meant to take place in a dream it doesnt need to be realistic, I mean look at some of the designs of the streets alone. Streets containting weather is a good idea, day night cycle i dont think is though, but we could even have weird weather on certain streets, like...raining cats or dogs or...whatever
  • Yeah, I agree. I'd rather have different streets/regions be continuously in one state rather than a cycle.
  • Also as to the other point in the post, at certain holidays or events Im not opposed to what the shrines give, trees / mining / changing some. With whatever event or region but I wouldnt want to tie it to weather. Unless said weather was regions vs day / night cycle.
  • Building off of the other ideas, in the overly complicated ideal fantasy style of brainstorming, A nighttime "realm" with several different zones and streets focused on night would be really cool, as would seasonal variations in harvesting opportunities. But it seems like, given the short duration of a day, others are right in feeling it would be too much of a hassle to be a game-wide cycle.
  • I'm on the side of the "Night regions like Nottis rather than a day/night cycle throughout Ur" votes. But yeah, the occasional freak tornado (or other destructive weather events) as a random event would be super neat.

    Additionally, what if tornadoes required some repairs to be made to the street they occurred on? If it can muddle up YOUR quarks, it can probably also muddle up a few of the Giants' quarks ;) It'd be like a mini street-building project!
  • Oo @Ariaste, I like that - the street-building projects were so fun when they were introduced!
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