Dates and Deadlines

I'm wondering if a deadline is known for when the alpha will move to open beta.
Or in general what are the plans and expected dates for the game to be publicly accessible?


  • Much as I hate nagging people (yeah, right!) I would like to second this vague, general enquiry! Whenwhenwhenwhenwhen!!! (sorry!)
    I would be interested to know, based on the updates you seem to be making good progress, though I know from original alpha how long it takes, so not nagging, honest!
  • Soon (TM)!
  • It is currently impossible to estimate, sorry. I know we all have our personal hopes, but there's nothing concrete enough to say we can assuredly release the game when we are all working on this around day jobs, college courses and families. Since we're reverse engineering things, and with a different backend to boot, there are other challenges outside the normal alpha/beta challenges. Our biggest challenges at the moment are stability and scalability - we don't have a game for everyone to play without either of those. We're testing solutions for both issues, but it is slow business.
  • Thank you ladyceres. I am just grateful that you are all doing something, truly not nagging! Just so excited to think of Glitch coming back, so many tears shed when it went!
    Soon (TM) is good!
  • Is It..Shooooon yet??.. :D x
  • Thank you ladyceres for the all the information that we can get, just want to know if there is any new info that is available, we have fun in the forums but its just to help fill the free time we have, but it keeps us going forward to the time we can tread the streets again........

  • Sometimes treading the forums makes us yearn for our beloved game even more...Can't wait to walk, run, jump and play with all our old Glitchen our new home of Eleven Giants :) So excited!!
  • Thanks for the info!
  • My dear friends, i know we are all the same wishing we can get into the game to be a alpha or a beta and we know they will let us know when they are ready to invite whoever but, if you are the same as me i am driving myself crackers even dreaming about it so, i got to calm myself down and repeat to myself.... I got to have patience..... got to have patience....
  • Forever and ever I will be a glitch down to the bottom of my soul. waiting wishing hoping dreaming fingers crossed that I can go home someday. Just knowing that ur survives and waking the Giants might happen makes me believe in happy endings. I can wait patiently for that :)
  • Yes Gomez!! And it works in-game now!
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