What's Your Dream Job? ^-^

Would it be something obscure and weird, a field that is hard to get into, or something else that you know you'd love doing? Personally, I'd love to work in marine biology with dolphins. Babysitting some eccentric millionaire's pets would be awesome too (Aristocats, anyone?)


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    Chef, head of a small chalet style café located in an old town with lots of charm; and beautiful scenery… screening classic films, by day; playing old music records, by night… It would be a dream come true. *:)
  • Professional rocking chair tester. Oh the dreams of youth.
  • There's a version of me in the World Without Shrimp that runs a neighborhood gastropub. It has a small menu, rotating weekly, focusing in nose-to-tail cooking with lots of housemade charcuterie, though there's always a vegan option. There's a nice selection of beers on tap, and an adjacent bakehouse.

    (In this world, alas, I do not have anywhere near the risk tolerance I'd need to try to run a small business.)
  • Does working in your dream field count?
    Pilot :D
  • At the moment, I'm a dishwasher(/technically barista, but my coworker does all the cashiering and I do the other things), and loving it more than I ever could have expected. I don't have to talk to anyone and I get tips. And I get to make sushi. Perfect.
  • Painting seashells, which blends my love of walking on the beach and collecting seashells and art...though my artwork isn't really that good...but it's my 'fall back' plan at every job I work...

    Though I just quit my job to take some time off...likely to collect a bunch more seashells (code for much needed time on the beach).

    Maybe after next weekend, it will be paddleboard racer, since I'm entering my first paddleboard race. I'm hoping that less than three old ladies enter, so I can say I ranked in the top three of my age group in my first race...lol.
  • I'm not even ashamed to say a face character at Disney!! I will be Ariel one day!!

    Also, a psychologist but I'm also a tad bit crazy so not sure how that's going to work out....
  • I think it'd be pretty dang interesting to be a face character at Disney! I'd want to be a villain though I think ; ) Perhaps Captain Hook :'D
  • Author. :) Self-published my first book; just finished the manuscript of my second book, and I will be shopping it out to agents and editors this year. Cross your fingers!

    Or professional chocolate truffle taster. Y'know. As a fall-back plan. :D
  • *fingers crossed* @Ariaste, that's awesome! Best of luck to you! *:) & Great fall-back plan, by the way!
  • Kind of silly, and I'm a bit long in the tooth, but I would love to be an nature documentary narrator- although Sir David seems to have that gig in the bag . A man can still dream :)
  • my dream job is being a professional glitch again :) http://about.me/coolbettycakes
  • I forgot to say a dancer for just dance! How awesome would that be?
  • Librarian.

    I did a long period of practical training in one of my favorite libraries and got to experience firsthand all the great things and all the horrible things, it's definitely something I'd love to do the rest of my life.
    Too bad it's not going to happen. They're closing libraries and reducing their budgets, if I go and become one, unemployment awaits me.

    Good thing I have other dreams. Specifically, a business of my own.
  • I always wanted to be something where, when I told people what I did, they would look at me in confusion and say, 'Huh. People do that?'

    I wasn't sure precisely what that should be, but I always liked that idea.
  • Something with children... and the internet. I'm not sure what that would *be* but I like kids and pretty much only go on the internet anyway
  • I homeschool, while it might not be everyones dream job, its mine. I went from teaching health and safety to teaching the most precious thing in the world! (corny) :P
  • @energy - not corny at all! And good to see someone who takes seriously ensuring their next generation are going to be better prepared for the world than depending on the less than adequate systems put in place by the government. I swore if I ever had kids, they'd be homeschooled, so I could be sure they got a proper education.
  • @b3achy thanks :) I tried enrolling her in school for 2 years, worst mistake ever!! I live in the country, so private schools just aren't around, there are 2 in the next state over (25 minute drive), but the price?? Forget about it. Printer ink and homeschool books, knowing my degree is getting used in the best place possible is worth it. Thank you for your encouragement, greatly appreciated!! Have a happy day :)
  • @energy You're doing good! I'm homeschooled, and honestly my mom is the best for homeschooling us. (me and my sister) I had a few homeschool friends on Glitch and their parents did a podcast about it.. I'm pretty sure they're coming back, too, but if you're interested it's called 'Savvy Homeschool Moms' (but of course not just moms can listen to it haha. i'm sure dads and other parents are invited too :P)
  • @EiraFae Thanks! I will look into it, I am always looking for good ideas to keep it interesting. It's just us two chica's so she is always challenging me to challenge her. She's only 11 but I swear her brain has out passed some of my own college courses :P Glad to hear there are quite a few like minded people around here x
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    I'd love to be a prison psychologist!
    Or get paid lots of money to pet kitties all day.
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    I'm doing my dream job, which is working for myself at home doing contract transcription of everything from online courses to in-class lectures to captioning movies and TV. My only wish is that I wish I made more money at it. Three times as much would be perfect, twice as much would be just fine. (I currently make about $36-40K a year.)
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