What was Glitch missing?

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For many of you the answer to that question is nothing. We were all pretty in love with Glitch : ) But I'm sure there was some small way the game failed to be exactly what you wished it would be. What was that thing for you? Do you think it could happen in Eleven? Why?


  • The only thing it was missing for me was about ten years more in existence.

    I cannot wait for Eleven to come into its own; I hope that it can fill that Glitch-shaped hole in my heart.
  • I think the reason that hardly anyone who played Glitch will find anything missing was because the devs honestly listened to the players, and with the best of their ability, tried to introduce all reasonable suggestions into the world. They built the game for US. Our new lovely devs here in Eleven, being former avid players will do no less I think. :)
  • I've been thinking about this, and I agree with @"Lill Missy" above. I think what was missing was the six seasons and a movie. I feel like we got cancelled after the second pilot didn't test well with target audiences. Or it suffered the same fate as Firefly, killed with episodes in the can.
    I think that's the biggest part of it for me. Like, there were plans for extended backstory, weaving it throughout the gameplay experience, being written for the old game. And, although I hope a Eleven manages to breathe life back into even this central, critical, part of the game, the story they tell won't be, can't be, the story that was going to be told.
  • No Scarbear.......... It cant be the story that was waiting to emerge, and it is so sad that it will never be told, but what it can be is... the collective story that our wonderful imaginations will dream up. :)
  • I'm definitely glad that we have another shot, but pretty sad that we'll never see what stoot and company truly had in mind. Though I really hope that we could get kukubee to do some work on eleven as was suggested might be a possibility. Having the same artistic feel to some of the potential new content in a couple years, or whenever, would be really exciting to me.
  • While I appreciate Kukubee's legacy...I'd love to see the artistic designs of others get integrated into Ur.

    A few other things that I felt Glitch was missing...

    For our Avatars - Accessories (Sunglasses, Jewelry, Gloves), and the ability to make my Avatar do things like sit, dance, lie down or is it lay down?, plank, etc.

    Additional regions - already covered in another thread...but really want a sandy beach area. I've never felt completely home in any of the current landscapes. I'd love tropical warm landscapes...everything in the game feels too cold, rocky, or dark to me except for maybe Groddle.

    Group clubhouses/homes - details already covered in another thread.

    Centers for Art - either museums to display art or billboard like canvases we could spray paint. Also music centers and instruments. Stages/amphitheaters for performances - whether fashion shows, plays, concerts, open mic nights, etc. (We'd also need the skills trees expanded and need more items (like instruments, paint brushes, paint, etc) to do most of this area).

    Vehicles - bikes, scooters, maybe even cars (if quirky enough). But we also need some race tracks too for fun optional competition. Optionally, if vehicles are too intrusive, give us some animals to ride...horses, camels, big turtles...

    Pets that you could choose if they follow you around Ur, or if you want to keep them at your house maybe you can build them a small house of their own.

    More games to play, some of which you could play solitary for the loners in the group. Ability to have additional games in Ur, like Hide and Seek, or geocaching...some were able to sort of do these things but it would be cool if the game dynamics provided for these things...like maybe a whole region in Ur, that has lots of foreground areas for hiding, and you can't see others on the mini-map for that region...actual chests for geocaching that can't be removed by others players, but where people can sign a log, leave an item or take an item.
  • @B3achy I really like those thoughts! I think pets could be really cool, especially if there was a properly glitchy system around them allowing you to do more than just have them and show them off : P Having to 'imagine' them and it being proportionally difficult to imagine the 'better' pets. (Whatever makes them better whether they're more likely to be aesthetically pleasing or they are more useful at whatever task(s) pets can complete.) Possibly pets being able to do things for you around your home and homestreet or to generate something passively. (Perhaps a fairly easy to imagine pet would be some kind of Ur-y Monkey who gathers a certain number of bananas for you per ingame day.)

    I have a lot of ideas about pets ; ) The other things we've talked about fairly at length but I really like the pet ideas!
  • @b3achy-- I like the geocaching idea!
  • Most of the things that I wanted to see in Glitch (more backstory, glasses, the ability to sit down, temples/guildhalls, more quests, more lands) didn't seem like they were missing-- just that the devs hadn't gotten to them yet. It was clear that the world would accomodate them.

    The only thing that really felt like a hole in the world was that there weren't more ways to permanently affect it. And even there, I can think of plenty of things that could be implemented without changing or breaking too much-- the ability for high-level players to devise new food and drink recipes from existing ingredients, or maybe a Nudgery skill tree that would let you edit the middleground and background of your home street.
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    I agree with most of what b3achy stated, although i do not think vehicles/mounts fit with the game, i can see more clothing options that look like various things, but not actual vehicles/mounts, (plus mounts tend to have stats) but things like the train clothes for instance, would work, i just dont like the idea of actual mounts. As for pets as long as it was kept simple thats fine, but i do not think a whole pet system (breeding, lvls, stats, etc) is necessary, but i think they make more sense to be at your home vs going places with you. Id be more in favor of everyone getting 1 pet but its sort of set up like the butler, various options in appearance, but animal parts instead, that do not make sense of course, and you can teach it things (to an extent)could make it chia pet like...or something else thats rather ridiculous

    However everything else i agree with more clothing options and categories, group homes, more creative options, more ways to move & emote (sit, lay down, dances, faces etc)more games, more activities to do both in a group or alone, and i think the Rook should be harder or have longer effects, and the Giants should have more of a presence in world, temples or otherwise, mind you Rook ideas ties in with Giant ideas anyway

  • More rook frights! Longer rook fights! Giant temples! Pet butterflies! Balloons! Amphitheater for player created productions! And what everybody else said!
  • I would really like to see an iMG sink for once players are maxed that will help others :D
  • As far as pets go, in one game I used to play you could have a cat or dog, and you could teach it tricks - in addition to the basic sit, stay, come, move, follow, your pet could learn things like jump, spin, jump and spin, and a bunch of dance moves.
    It would also be cool to have mini clothes for the pets that would match whatever clothing you are wearing, if you wish.
  • I am in complete agreement with Ellen -- one of the selling points of the game is that we could "help shape the world," and yet when you join, you find there's very little shaping to do. It would have been cool to have more interaction with the world itself beyond the resource-gathering actions. I wasn't around for the street projects, so I don't know exactly how those worked, but being able to design new streets every now and again would be cool.

    Yes to more accessories -- I totally would have rocked some piercings or tattoos (which would be very Glitchy in design, of course -- I'd go for a Scion on one arm and a Uralia owl on the other), sunglasses, makeup, etc.
  • @Liathea and @"Ellen Fremedon" Absolutely agree with you there! I've been petitioning in another thread to have Group Homes be part of the future of shaping a location, but those seem like they'll end up being out of world sort of locations if they ever make it into the game. I really hope the Eleven folks find a way to make the 'shape the world' tagline into more of a reality : ) Perhaps we have a limited power to reimagine streets? Replacing resources with others that fit within the area by spending iMG? Something starting at a basic level like that but hopefully with more complex changes being possible through some means!

    Perhaps a miniature street project can be undertaken to develop a street in a certain way! Adding a ledge would take a certain amount of material and iMG etc. Just tossing out more ideas!
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    I think group homes will work best if set up simmilar to the houses, which if we arent on that home street, its not there., plus there could potentially be TONS of them so ...However.... when it comes to buildings in world, id be in favor of something like this.... A temple for each Giant, and one for Rook, a house for Helga, Rube, Jujus, Friendly, Scion, etc ....and any other named character in the game thats not a vendor, give each a house or temple accordingly. Which means they get a better presence in world, you can visit, with temples there are holidays that go with it, ....in short anything added in world should have to do with the story in some capacity. But most char in game need something dedicated to them to show presence somehow, right now they are all homeless ...except for the location they are in (with the exception of some quests, but i mean locations that are actually IN world all the time) Could have them added in a way that the community needs to contribute somehow to imagine them into existance. And having unique things that you can only do or get there would make sense

    Possibly a img sink would be the group homes when they are added, in theory at least. IMO youd need some way for the group to contribute, and monetary (currants) seems not as balanced
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