Can't locate players' names anymore in Glitch Player Search

Try going here and doing a search on a Glitch player you know. I've tried it with several different names and the search engine seems to be broken. Let me know what you get, okay?


  • Yeah its bugged idea how to let anyone know though
  • Okay. Thanks!
  • This is unpleasant. I noticed this just last night.
  • I believe TS knows but it is not high priority, but it will get attention. In the meantime, you can google player names, I guess.
  • Just tried as well; and you're right :( but at least player search within friends list does work. So you can easily start with your friend list, then search within another players list; and so on. *:.)
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    In google:
    intitle:"Player Name" inurl:profiles

    Example with: stoot barfield
  • Which, btw, led me to discover a few months ago that you can still view the snaps pages for inactive players but not their profile page.
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