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This is Maja, she means the world to me... would hang out with me all day. Just one big suck lol. I would move locations in my apartment and she'll follow me into the next room. Time for sleep and she'll snuggle up next to me. I got her from my local SPCA took me about months of popping in and out and 3-4 visits to her specifically before she picked me (thats right she picked me not the other way around).


  • http://imgur.com/h7UdLGi This first image is Pickle he is 2 years old and he is such a fat boy.I adore him he is the grumpiest and meaniest cat I've ever had but I love him. http://imgur.com/AQa2ZrG Second picture is Morgan he is 4 years old and he is down to earth and loves playing hide and seek. Love my cats :)

  • The tux is Oscar, and the one in the domino is Millie. They're maybe 8 months old; when we moved in August they were semi-feral kittens living under the house next door. I was still grieving for the 14-year-old cat I lost in January, and was not planning on getting a new cat just yet, but Oscar and Millie had other plans. They have taken to indoor life extremely well, and are sweet and friendly little cuddlemuffins.

    Right now we've got their mama living in our basement, too; she's still pretty wild and skittish, but it's been so cold we didn't like her chances outside and brought her in. She's got an appointment with the trap-neuter-release people on Sunday, so she'll be staying in the basement until she heals up from her surgery.
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    Morgan looks like my last cat Goldie. She was such a sweetie. I swore when she passed, I'd not get another right away, but after 5 days I was so lonely, that I started looking online.

    Within a day I found the most annoyed looking cat at the Humane shelter in the area...his picture looked like he was totally peeved that his picture was being taken. I had to meet this guy. Apparently he had been in the shelter for 4 months (it was a no kill shelter), and his previous owner had died. He was an older cat (5yrs old) who really wanted nothing to do with me, but I opted to annoy the heck out of him while I visited, and while he didn't seem all that interested, I knew I had to bring him home - he needed someone and I needed him. His name is Seminole, but I often call him Semi or Bubbie. Apparently, I was the first and only person to show an interest in him in those four months.

    I also wanted to look for a second cat, and found a cute little girl who had been there over 30 days, and she was a happy go lucky fluff ball. She was a baby when I got her, about 6 months old. Her name was Holly Berry, but I just call her Holly.

    When I got grumpy pants Seminole home, he wouldn't eat, and he only weighed 6 pounds (he had come in the shelter at 12 pounds). He was severely depressed and I was pretty sure he just wanted to die (I think he really missed his previous owner). It took me a month, but I finally got him to eat (now he's a complete chow hound - I often have to shoo him away from Holly's food bowl when she wanders off). He's now 16 pounds, a bit stand offish during the day, but a complete snuggle buddy at night - though sometimes I wonder if he's trying to kill me too since I'll find him pressing a paw on my throat and has his face in my face to check to see if I'm still breathing (I do sometimes wonder how the previous owner died)...just kidding...sort of...heh.

    My little girl Holly is just completely clue-free. She loves life, and loves to play all the time. She can be a bit skiddish, but is a total snuggler all the time. She loves to play fetch like a dog, and will bring me a toy and talk to me until I pick it up and throw it for her to retrieve. She rarely meows, and usually chirps and chatters. I have a lot to learn from her about being a bit more care free and enjoying the moment.

    I've had them both about three years now, and have to post some pictures when I get a chance to upload them.
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    https://www.dropbox.com/sc/1reb0glzuf3zgp4/AADsgoX3055zgeD2TDXBkdN-a So this is my dog, Oxy, it was Oshlana at the shelter (why shelter why?) had her since late 2008, which i hadnt realised til i went to find pics. When we got her she was about a year old and about 30 pounds underweight. https://www.dropbox.com/s/g45idcxu871uwta/Dog-Oshlana3.jpg?dl=0 Not a happy camper at the shelter, but few pets are. But she wasnt doing well there so i took her home, at the time i volunteered there. Once back up to a healthy weight, and not in the commotion anymore, she perked right up. Which when normal weight shes about 85 pounds. Very smart dog, knows sit, shake, beg, roll over, stand, speak, jump, the only command i gave up on was stay, you can even tell her to get specific toys and shell do it correctly, ... shes the type of pet that tends to follow you anywhere and everywhere, so stay its just not going to happen . Also prone to seperation anxiety so that doesnt help. Weve gone through 3 doorknobs due to it, she knows that they open the door aparently but not how yet. And a big dog in a panic = unrecognizable doorknob...lol... With people shes a really great dog good with anyone and everyone, with other animals it kinda depends. Shes fine with our guinea pigs, (not on the floor together or anything but she tries to lick them to death, and cant understand why they wont fetch) and dogs she knows she good with but doesnt like cats though, or squirrels or rabbits.....shes a dog kinda covers it! And non stop...i have a ball...toss ball pls.....again....again....again....cant comprehend that we might be tired of the game she NEVER tires of! Its a rare occasion she doesnt have a toy in her mouth:) Also loves tug of war but thats my husbands thing with her, i just cant tug of war with a 85 pound pit mix....its just not going to work!
  • I don't have any photos, but I have three cats :) Jasper, Olive, and Sammy. Olive's a calico. We got Olive around 5 years ago from the SCPA and is our oldest cat. She's used to being outside all the time and hunting and she's always very mad at our other cats lmao.
    Sammy was rescued from our friend's attic, with his brother Chester. Everyone else in their litter was dead, so we took them in :( They were always skittish and shy and around a year or two ago Chester sadly got lost like many of our cats. We used to live in a very rural area with coyotes and owls so we'd go through cats very often. Sammy's really opened up after we moved though, so we can pet and rub him now.
    Jasper is our newest kitty, around 4 years old but we only got him a year ago from the animal shelter near us. He's biig and fluffy and likes to go outside even though he's an indoor kitty. He's a flame-point ragdoll and he's always the star of the show whenever we have guests over. (IMO he's kind of a diva)
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    This is my furry pal, Dumbledore (named for his majestic beard). Even at nearly five years old, he's still got the same sassy personality as he did when I first picked him up from the shelter. He's pretty independent, preferring to sit perched on the fireplace mantel watching life pass around him, and goes to bed at a reasonable time. Doesn't really care for photos or little outfits either :P
    He enjoys roaming the neighbourhood when we go out for walks though, and is an avid fan of bananas and snuggle time :)

  • Little Miss Daisy Puddlestuff:

    I also live with my grandparents three other cats. Lots of cat cuddles for me.
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    These are my boys -- Loiosh is the orange, my VP of Marketing, my first successful leashcat, my constant companion. He's lying atop Chocolate, my Chief Morale Officer, my grumpy old man cat, who's actually pretty okay with Loiosh laying on top of him because warms. Chocolate will travel with me these days, but that's only because he's 17 and just can't be arsed to care. Also, get off his lawn.
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