Favorite Trees!

What's your favorite type of tree and why? Full credit will only be awarded to Glitchen who justify their answers with 2-3 sentences ; )


  • My favorite tree was honestly the Spice trees. Weird snappy comebacks, sultry lines and one of the most useful trees I ever had the chance to pet or harvest!
  • The paper trees. I liked the haiku, and I liked that you couldn't cultivate them yourself-- you had to go out into the world, and into some remote parts of it, to harvest them.

    Plus, paper!
  • I loved the crazy paranoia of the bubble trees. So many tinfoil hat lines!
  • I think I liked the gas plants best. Mostly I think they're pretty, but I also liked to hoard general vapour for some reason.
  • bubble...bubble...bubble...bubble...bubble...bubble...bubble...bubble...
  • Bubble trees
  • I really like wood tree's. I remember one time I planted some wood tree's in groddle and someone came right behind me and poisoned them. Then I learned about the enchanted forest through my friend Phoebe. I hoarded them and was so happy we have woodworking so I could use them!
  • No love for the fruit and bean trees! I'm appalled. My favorite tree is probably the spice tree or the gas tree. Or maybe the wood tree because of its great potential for moneymaking : P
  • I loved the big wood trees, enchanted forests. We had a wonderful party in one as soon as it opened and everyone was always so generous with watering and sprinkling growth powder inside. I loved the music, too. Lovely and relaxing and soothing.
    I liked the bubble trees, too. Totally loopy and fun!
  • While I love the paranoia of the bubble trees, the crassness of the wood trees, and the beauty of the fruit trees (reminds me of the cherry blossoms in DC), I have to say the spice trees were my ultimate favorite. I LOVED that there were two spice roads in the game and they had spice trees...it totally cracked me up when I first found it. Made me sad when others tried to poison them and replant with anything else at least on those two streets. I liked that I could make so much from them, and I had a special rack to hold them in (whoa, that sounded so wrong...).
  • I enjoyed the wood trees best. As @Artemis mentioned, there was much poisoning of innocent, plain wood trees. It was appalling! I strove to see to it that this ugly duckling of flora had a chance, although it was hard-going. Wasn't there a huge fight over whether some sections should have wood trees? They truly were the underdog, if only for their redundancy and unimaginative appearance. But somehow, I miss them.
  • Spice trees was a favorite
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    My favourite tree

    Of all the trees, I'd have to say, the fruit tree is the fairest.
    Though many love its branches when they are at their barest,
    I think that they are loveliest when they are in full bloom
    Somewhat like a blushing bride waiting for her groom.
    That's why there's not a single one that I have ever met
    That I'm not sure to water when I pass and even pet.

    But that is not to say the other trants don't have their charms
    Why, bean trees grow the most important thing upon their arms.
    Not only are they used to make the awesomest of stews,
    With no beans there'd be nothing for the seasoner to use.
    That would mean that there would be no planting any trees,
    But it's strange they come sometimes exactly when I sneeze!

    Let's not neglect how much a spice plant can allure,
    And before I plucked them by the thousands I was awfully poor.
    Oh spice! Without it, cooks could not construct a decent dish,
    So I advise you, gather all the allspice that you wish!
    Though we groan so when they ask it, the question's not their fault:
    As all the baby glitchen need to know where to get salt.

    And yet, if I am honest, there's just something about bubble,
    The trees do kindly warn me of all impending trouble,
    I love the fizz that bubbles add to all my favourite drinks,
    (I heard a rumour that they'll be ingredients in inks).
    Bubble trees know secrets, like why the shrimp is spoiled,
    Just don't forget you have to get your head fully tin-foiled.

    But if you'll bear with me, though you yet might get annoyed,
    I have to give what's due to the plant that's most ovoid:
    The egg plant! Saviour to me when I oft perished from hunger,
    While whistling in the mirches* and the caves as a spelunker.
    For it's the only trant that grows without the touch of sun -
    Spriggan bless you, egg plants, let Him bless you every one.

    I should not neglect to mention the wonder that is wood:
    The satisfying thwacking as my axe does strike it good;
    The way I can return, with a mere sprinkling of powder,
    An entire enchanted forest to a proud and turgid power.
    Though some may claim that they are not the most impressive trees,
    I doubt you'd dare to say that as they're bobbing in the breeze.

    As for the noble gas plant, I find I must allow,
    They can be most elusive, but still, seek them out now!
    Their perfume will surround you, their flasks' tinkling will delight,
    And their subtle striping seems both elegant and bright.
    Their conversation's most refined, and you can safely say
    That gas plants truly please each sense in every single way.

    And I can hear you in the back, don't think I could forget
    Most enigmatic paper: queerest of the trant octet!
    First off, they share their names with us, though they are always changing;
    You'll find they're few and far between so you must go a-ranging;
    It's whispered they're immortal and that's why they can't be planted;
    They speak in haiku only, quite a talent they've been granted.

    So I apologize to you for wasting so much time,
    For I'm afraid I cannot say which trant I think is prime.
    There's something to admire in each and every one,
    A way they're all superlative, a way that they're all fun ...
    They are all my favourites! Now that I've gone and said it,
    Even though I failed, Liza, I hope I'll get full credit!

    *like marshes, but more shimla, which in this Ur context I take to mean dark, sunless.
    Thank you @rapunsell for your help editing!
  • Aww Scarlett! Thank you for such a thoughtful reply to my post :) That was lovely!
  • I can easily say I feel at home among the bubble trees. No other trees want to hear about how jetfuel can't melt steel beams or vaporize 12 ton Rolls Royce engines. No other trees understand the banking cabal which is controlling the plutocratic oligarchy. The oft overlooked yet critically thinking bubble tree is certainly my favorite.

    ΜΟΛΟΝ ΛΑΩΕ fellow bubbles.
  • The fruit trees were my favorite just because they were so pretty. The bubble trees are a close second because they were hilariously bonkers.
  • Gas Plants. This combination just hit a chord in me and gas ended up being one of the things I used to hoard for no good reason whatsoever. Gas plants also had a nice fractal-like quality to their design and I love fractals. And they told neat stories! Reminds me of a friend I had when I was little, good times.
    Gas Plants were really pretty too, in my opinion. Striped, funky sac-like leaves/foliage and clear, gas vial-shaped "fruit". Just perfect.
  • Trees were my thing in the game. I used to be Limgong. I would go around asking anyone if they wanted any number of trees and just give it to them. That was mostly how I played the game. Might try building mats as well when everything comes back.
  • Bubble, gas, and paper were the best to me, although i think i like bubble best
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    I don't really have a favorite tree, but if I had to choose some they would be the Spice tree, Bean tree, and Cherry tree.

    I like the colors of the Spice tree and because it reminds me of an oak tree a little, which happens to be my favorite tree. I like the Bean tree just because it a Bean tree, and the Cherry tree because who doesn't love cherries? :)
  • My favorite is the wood. The bigger the wood the better (to hide behind). But I lobe all wood no matter what size. Big wood, little wood, thin wood, thick wood, bent left or right wood. It's all good when it's wood!
  • @coolbetty: It's not the size of your wood, but how you use it, eh? ;)
  • It's not the size of the wood tree it's the swaying from the breeze!
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    @Scarlett wins the internet forever. That was amazing!

    As for my favorite, I loved the wood trees and all their thinly-veiled raunchiness and the bubble trees for their paranoia.
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