Rubes Rubbish Rummage

What do you think to this idea, Rubes rubbish rummage?
You could go once a day and search Rubes hoard, an area where he stores in heaps all his hard earned treasures,
Lets say Rube asks you to help fill his exchange box and needs certain items from his hoard, you have a time limit in which to search and retrieve the needed items.
if you return that to Rube you would have the choice to keep an item and you get to go up a level in item reward value
but if you fail to find the items in the given time you are dropped levels and start over?
Top level items could be something like dusty stick , or even better a Rube Box - one you could put an item in and have it transmorphify into something else? Or just something like a card that allows you one better deal with the Rube
its an idea that needs some work but I'd like to see more of the Rube's Street


  • That's a fun idea @Faereluth; with all the items on shelves, tables/furniture, floor, all over the place; it would become a frantic seek n' find game. Maybe also having some chickens scattered about the room, adding to the chaos.*:)
  • If the street gave you a challenge that was like a HOG, then I might be into this...
  • I like it! I'd dig thru rube hoard, rubbish, chickens, empty bureaucrat paper cones, dust bunnies and piles of fox fur to find a dusty stick!
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